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    posted a message on Cartographer Notes - feature request - side note text column
    Upon running this addon for the first time, I received the following error:
    Cartographer_Sidelist.lua:20: Bad argument #6 to `NewModule'. "AceDebug-2.0" is an unknown library.
    That problem however, did I solve by getting Ace2. But I should think that wouldn't have been necessary, since all other addons that uses Ace are using a libs folder inside their own addon folder.

    I also got Babble. But I couldn't see the reason since the addon behaved exactly the same with and without it.

    - I noticed that the left and right adjustment doesn't actually takes place until a ReloadUI or a relog -

    btw. how come Cartographer is listed as an optional dependency? And the textures folder, shouldn't even be there IMO. I would think it would be easy to get these icons in-game since it's standard raid-targeting icons and Cartographer already uses these.

    Furthermore. I noticed you're having Ace2 and Babble-2.2 under X-Embeds. Shouldn't these also be under OptionalDeps?
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Notes
    There are a few things with Cartographer_Notes that irritates me

    There's no confirmation dialog when deleting notes. Edit note and delete note are right on top of each other. And I have, accidentally, deleted a note I shouldn't have. Once or twice.

    It would be nice with a chat notification when creating a note.
    i.e. Note King Bangalash created at 37.35 on Stranglethorn Vale

    Creating a note on a loc where you already have a note, just replaces the note. A chat notification telling you that there is a note there already would be extremely helpful. If possible with a sound warning.
    i.e. Can't create note at 37.35 on Stranglethorn Vale. It's to close to King Bangalash

    This is not a thing that is on my high priority list. But a sidelist would be nice. I know that a lot of people are very interested in this feature. If the sidelist make it look to much like Metamap then create something else. Maybe a dropdown menu.

    Sure hope the people behind Cartographer reads this post.
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    posted a message on Cartographer post 2.3 issues
    Clicking any mouse button in the map dosen't work for me.
    I think it's the Strata option under Look 'n' Feel that messes everything up.

    I scaled the map to 100% and try to make it fullscreen. But when I can't add notes or do anything mouse click related, that don't help me much.
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