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    I've found a couple bugs in AceComm-2.0 IsCommRegistered(). I don't think I have permissions to fix them, so could a maintainer address them? The bugs and necessary changes are:

    - (remove lines 1207-1210) If user specified the custom channel, it would always return error on the input. This check looks like a copy-paste leftover.
    - (line 1216 change 'distribution' to 'k') distribution could only be nil at this point because of line 1214. Clearly this if-block is meant to look deeper in the registry if the key (k) is 'CUSTOM'.
    - (line 1241 change all 'destination' to 'distribution') There is no other mention of 'destination' in the scope. Further, the registry means to use distribution at this level of the table.
    - (line 1243 change all 'destination' to 'distribution') Same reasoning as last change.
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