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    Quote from nofaer
    any way is there is an option that can stake off the sticky fram?

    I need to update my version of BT4 but I think holding Shift lets you free move bars without them snapping. At least I think that was your question :).

    Quote from bril
    I noticed last night that my "spammable" stealth macro is not working after I updated.

    I remember bugs like this back with BC :) first step as always, disable all your mods and try the macro with the default UI. Then enable just BT4 and try it again. If the macro works fine in both cases time to start turning on addons one at a time until they work. If the latter doesn't work be sure to post a Ticket so Nevcairiel has a record of it.
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    Quote from bob825
    just wanted to clarify this question

    in Bartender3 I was able to alter the code so when the BagBar main backpack button was clicked it would open all bags including the key ring, it required editing the BarClass.lua:

    MainMenuBarBackpackButton:SetScript("OnClick", function() OpenAllBags() end)
    in Bartender4 I can't seem to find how to repeat this functionality, I've searched all of the files that came with Bartender4 and have found only a few references to the "OnClick" event and none of them specifically refer to the BagBar.

    How would it be possible to reproduce this behavior in Bartender4?

    The only thought I have is the action of the BagBag now is associated with a key binding and I have to associate it with the binding that opens all bags. Am I correct in my assumption? I'm not at my home computer to test this out.

    Any questions/comments would be appreciated.

    To open the Keyring along with all bags I believe you'd need another call to ToggleBag() and pass it KEYRING_CONTAINER or if that doesn't work -2. Hope that helps.

    I think the below isn't necessarily what you were asking now that I re-read what you typed :/ but I left in here in case someone has a similar issue.

    Are you using Barrel v0.1 by chance?
    If so please refer to my bug post here:

    Once I disabled Barrel the Shift click bags and Shift-B bind worked properly. If you aren't using Barrel I suggest, when you get home, disabling everything except BT4 and see if you still have the problem. If you do, start enabling mods one at a time until it breaks. (yeah, it was a long night last night :P)

    o_o: I think that is the intended design; it's been like that since I first started using BT4.
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    I'm not sure if you are still going to work on Barrel, copystring, but I think there may be an issue with the old libraries in the current 0.1 version. Posted the ticket for you here: http://www.wowace.com/projects/barrel/tickets/1-cannot-use-api-for-openallbags-while-barrel-enabled/

    I'll certainly look at it more tonight but I was up until almost 3am last night trying to track down this weird SetHeight bug attempting to use the OpenAllBags API call and needed sleep for work :P. If you aren't able to recreate the issue I'll see about updating the embedded libraries locally.
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