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    Ok, so when battle.net was first required, they said, "Don't worry. Put all of your accounts on one battle.net account. You will still be able to log into them at the same time." That worked fine, for my main account and the one I simply use for auction scanning and such. Now that Real ID has been implemented, though, I find that having two accounts on the same battle.net account is suddenly a problem, as people who click on my name in chat to whisper me run a gamble as to whether that whisper ends up on my main, or on my rarely looked at and easily spammed to oblivion auction alt. I know there are dual box toolkits that do this and much more, but all I really want is something that will relay a whisper sent to the 'wrong' account, to the character I happen to be actually playing. Thanks for any responses. Much appreciated.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was mourning this as dead, but still using it. Autobar has been one of my essential addons for a long time. Thank you for your continued support of it, even though you are short on time for this project.
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