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    Thought about the manual character orientation but wanted to check out, if the survey tools would provide that data to get exact triangulation results. Feared that it won't, but I was hoping^^.

    For the manual method I think it would be good to use an angular view instead of a direct line for each point to account for the slight inaccuracy of human input so the intersection provides a small area instead of a point.
    But perhaps that *might* be negligible, if in the green zone the artifact is in has no fixed X,Y coordinate but rather can be dug up in a small area.
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    Couple of information on how this new profession is going to work has been released a few days ago and it seems it is now available for testing on the Beta realm.
    I watched a video on how to perform a survey posted on MMO-Champ.
    This works mostly via trial and error by summoning an object, which points in a certain direction (looks like a spy glass) with a light bulb indicator (red= far away, yellow = getting closer, green = pretty damn close).

    Once you are close to the artifact and hit the survey button, it'll spawn and you can loot it.
    This trial and error method makes it a little bit time consuming.
    Ghostcrawler already talked about the two main strategies:
    There are two main strategies to surveying. You can attempt to triangulate by moving around the outer edge of a digsite. (Like quest blobs, the digsites are not necessarily circular.) Other players just keep surveying, heading in the direction the tool points until they strike paydirt.

    The idea for this addon relies on the first strategy.
    Suggestions for the addon will be in green (Note that I am not yet very familiar with methods on which data can be actually retrieved via AddOns, so some suggestions might not work) :
    What is known about Archeology:
    - On the continental overview map you will see dig sites via an icon in each respective zone, which are available to you. They are random for each character and based on your current skill level
    • Suggestion: Listing all available dig sites on the UI in a quest watcher/tracker style by fetching the zone names which contain such an icon.
    - Going to a zone with a dig site will show you a red area where the artifact can be retrieved only. Perhaps it is possible to see this red area when you are in another zone and just open the respective zone map (e.g. Standing in Durotar and looking at Northern Barrens map; needs confirmation though, cannot test this by myself.)

    - Hitting the Survey Button will spawn the survey tool object which behaves as mentioned earlier (Here the core task of the addon will come into effect. ).
    • Fetch the coordinates of you/survey tool.
    • Fetch the facing of the object (This what is most important and needs testing if Blizzard provides data for the facing of this survey tool!)
    • Based on the coordinates and orientation, draw a straight line on the zone map, which stops at the dig site border (needs to be found out, if this is possible; a way to perhaps check this would be to see if an event is thrown by moving the cursor over the dig site on the zone map)
    • Repeat this step at different points within the dig site to determine the position of the hidden artifact.

    Perhaps it is possible to determine the intersection between the lines by following the coordinates of each drawn line. But I can't say for sure, as I am not yet too familiar with coding.
    • If possible, show an arrow on the interface which points to the intersection coordinates.

    What also needs to be checked is, if the position of the artifact will remain the same, whenever RNG decides that you get a previously visited dig site again or another player (I believe there is only a predefined amount and position of dig sites in each zone; needs confirmation though), which you already have looted. If that's the case looted artifacts can be saved in a database similar to GatherMate and distributed.
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    posted a message on herbalism and riding
    I'm not sure if it would help.

    Wowhead lists the herbalism skill with a skill id of 182 and Riding in general with id 762.
    Not sure, if there is a way to extract information from that.

    Other than that, the only thing which comes to my mind in regards of herbalism would be to take the item Formula: Enchant Cloves - Herbalism and to truncate the text string.
    AFAIK the string name should be the same as the one of the skill itself, even so in the other languages (french version is enclosed in parenthesis and russian has an additional character at the end).
    This would by no mean be an optimal solution as it depends on the availability of the item on the server.

    EDIT: Can't test, if it retrieves non-learned skills as I'm not at home, but perhaps GetSkillLineInfo(skillIndex) is what you seek.
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    posted a message on New to coding - question about a coding guide
    I'm certain that the information in the book will be overwhelming, but as long as explanations are not written too technical I'm fine with it.

    I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for the feedback so far. :)
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    posted a message on New to coding - question about a coding guide
    Hi there,

    I want to start coding WoW addons, but I am fairly new to LUA as well as coding in general.
    In the last few days I have digged through the tutorials on WoWWiki as well as using the Interface Kit of Blizzard and got a (very) basic understanding how things are handled, but there are still some things that are unanswered to me (e.g.: what exactly does the underscore at the beginning of a variable mean, and if there is a meaning behind "myaddon_OnEvent" or if it is pure convention to just name one example).

    Now I wanted to ask, if any of you has read through this book (I am certain that some here even contributed to it):
    World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating WoW Addons
    and can tell me, if it is recommendable for a complete novice as I am.

    I am a guy who just needs to know everything from ground up in order to understand something.^^

    Hope about some feedback, thanks :)
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    posted a message on Rock and Patch 3.2
    ah thx for the information :)

    One question though. Will those addons that don't have a successor ever be converted?
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    posted a message on Rock and Patch 3.2
    Hi there,

    I wanted to ask, if there are/will be an updates to the Rock framework, because with Patch 3.2 nowadays on the PTRs all addons using it seem to be broken.
    "Famous" ones like Fubar, Cartographer, Cowtip etc.
    Pitbull3 also uses it, but it already has a successor unlike the others (at least I'm not aware of any).

    I for myself am not really gifted with coding talents to be really of help, but I wanted to know the statements of the authors, if they will update/convert any of the affected addons or not.

    Thank you :)
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Quote from X8oD
    ok i am a complete novice to scripting to make these panels do something.

    Im looking to make a Panel show when a party member gets aggro, and hide once he loses it. [next step would be to color a panel based on the same condition, but i can figure that out once i figure out the general code]

    i put this in the OnEvent

    if UnitAffectingCombat("party1")

    but that doesn't work. Can anybody give me some direction, lol. Thanks

    Check, if you have the following statements in the OnLoad section of your panel:


    They "listen", if your normal regeneration eg. Health is stopped (which happens during combat) and if this happens this will fire the OnEvent script.
    I tried it and it worked.
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Out of lazieness I built myself this little script to switch between my talents.
    I'm a complete noob, when it comes to scripting, so don't wonder, if the code is not the best.^^




    if (GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1) then
      self.text:SetText("[color=blue][i]Talent Tree 1[/i][/color]")
      self.text:SetText("[color=blue][i]Talent Tree 2[/i][/color]")

    OnEnter or OnClick

    (GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1) then SetActiveTalentGroup(2) else SetActiveTalentGroup(1)

    The OnEvent section is only used for a dynamic text.
    Basically what it does, it "listens" to my spellbook for one talent I only get from spending talent points.
    If I have Heart-Strike in my spell book it should display "DPS Spec" on the panel otherwise "Tank Spec".

    EDIT: Figured out yesterday how to make the OnEvent part it less complicated when I started wondering why I just didn't take the code snipped from the OnEnter part. -.-
    The blue italicized text can be replaced by anything you want to call the current active spec, just don't forget the quotation marks. ;)

    I only did this to have a fast look, which spec is currently active rather than opening the menu or analyzing my buttons.^^
    The OnEnter and OnClick is a personal taste. I for myself prefer the OnEnter method, as I'm too lazy to click the panel. -.-

    If you know how to improve this code, please feel free to help out. As I said I am not very skilled in coding.
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    posted a message on WoWEquip (Official Thread)
    Quote from Xinhuan

    The search box above has the search string 32200 since that is the key that is being used for Solid Empyrean Sapphire. You can find the keys in the localization files itself in your WoWEquip folder for the other affected ones.

    Somehow I now feel dumb -.-
    Was always looking in the wrong place, now I can get out the mistakes.
    Thanke mate :D
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    posted a message on WoWEquip (Official Thread)
    I already tried that option, but I can only see the different translations, but no button or link, which allows me change it again.
    The only thing I can click there is the name of the translator :/
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    posted a message on WoWEquip (Official Thread)
    During the translation I noticed that some of the gems, mostly Tanzanite has wrong stats, though it's no big deal anymore as those are TBC Gems.
    Here is the list anyway (the stats on the right are the current ones, looked up on WoWHead):

    (Shifting Tanzanite) +5 Strength, +4 Agility -> (Shifting Tanzanite) +5 Agility, +6 Stamina
    (Blessed Tanzanite) +11 Spell Power, +6 Stamina -> (Blessed Tanzanite) +6 Spellpower, +6 Stamina)
    (Imperial Tanzanite) +5 Spirit, +9 Spell Power -> (Imperial Tanzanite) +5 Spirit, +5 Spell Power
    (Durable Fire Opal) +11 Spell Power, +4 Resilience -> (Durable Fire Opal) +6 Spell Power, +4 Resilience Rating
    (Iridescent Fire Opal) +11 Spell Power, +4 Crit Rating -> (Iridescent Fire Opal) +6 Spell Power, +4 Crit Rating
    (Soothing Amethyst), +11 Spell Power, +6 Stamina -> (Soothing Amethyst), +6 Spell Power, +6 Stamina

    They obviously nerfed 11 Spellpower down to 6 Spellpower for those.
    Also all gems with Resilience on them don't show the word rating. I don't know if this is intended, perhaps for the sake of a smaller tooltip. I personally was confused at the beginning, but no big deal. Still bear in mind though, that I added it in the list above. :)
    If I find more, I'll add them here.

    Another question: I translated some phrases to german and noticed too late that I made some translation mistakes myself. Now I cannot change them anymore via the localization link on the project page, as I didn't use the review function. Also I'm not that familiar with Repositories to just change it myself over that way.

    Those mistakes can be narrowed down to 2 specific gems.

    Empyrean Sapphire -> Engelssaphier (Correct would be: Saphir)
    Noble Topaz -> Edeltopaz (Correct would be Edeltopas)
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    There seems to be another issue with SMM regarding the motorcycle as well as the multi-passanger mammoth mounts you can obtain.
    Blizzard changed the control behaviour to eject passengers out of these mounts.

    Instead of the pet bar they are now displayed in a seperate frame resembling the top-down view of the respective vehicle-mount.
    Looks similar to the durability frame.

    I had to disable SMM in order to see this new mover again.
    As Kunda has no intention to get out the new version, hopefully someone could take over as it is a great addon, which I would not want to miss!
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