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    posted a message on WoW - SLI - Quad core?
    Quote from dafire »

    I think that only shows you the thread count as in my screenshot ?
    Or is it listing the threads in own rows so you can check how much cpu each thread uses ?

    The built in Win XP Task Manager only shows total number of threads per process and doesn't break down which thread is on which CPU/core. You can set process affinity from Task Manager, but not see or set thread affinity. If you want to see processor use per thread, I use SysInternal's Process Explorer. It gives a tree view of processes and their threads and the resources they use.

    I've never really paid that much attention to WoW. I do know that it is multi-threaded, but that one thread does about 80% of the work and a relatively small number of other threads do the rest. Basically this is reiterating what others have said: A fast single core will give you better "straight" WoW performance that 2 slower cores. But, if you run more than just WoW, having the 2nd (or more) core will let you do more simultaneously assuming the rest of your machine is up to it (no RAM, disk or network bottlenecks).

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    posted a message on WoW - SLI - Quad core?
    Quote from dafire »

    I don't think you can examine threads in the normal task manage, but I'll try to find a tool that can .)

    Windows XP's built in Task Manager can show Threads. Go to the Processes tab. Select View/Select Columns and then check the "Thread Count" box. You'll also probably want to check "Show processes from all users" at the bottom to show the processes that aren't running under your account (especially the System level ones).
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Spark Module interfering with Pitbull
    Quote from Phanx »

    Spark module is working fine for me on shaman, druid (all forms), paladin, mage, and priest.

    The culprit is likely the Aura module. Although the addon's author has never actually addressed the issue, many people have suggested that issues like the giant buff icon overlay and buffs attaching to the spark are caused by the auras not having an explicitly set position, and you may be able to solve it by going into the settings for each frame you're having issues with, and change the Aura settings, then change them back to what you want.

    I've never seen an error message related to this, though... try resetting your position for the mana bar as well, since that's what the spark attaches to.


    Doing this has worked for me on all my chars that use the spark. Rogue, mage and warlock.

    Go through each options for auras, combo points, combat icon, etc. on both the player and target frames and change their location and then change them back. Yes, it's a hassle. But you'll only have to do it once.
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    posted a message on Newish to add ons with a possibly odd question
    Quote from Ringleron »

    In fullscreen mode, I too also use the Window Key.

    Is the Window Key now a default on new "window keyboards" lately?

    There are a few keyboards at work that don't have this key and I find it a little difficult to work with that machine.

    Win Key = Ctrl-Esc
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    posted a message on Guild Records Challenge two..

    Does what you are looking for. Specifically:

    Get some guildies/friends to run their Census addon and all of you upload your snapshots regularly and you'll be set. The only problem with this site is that if people don't collect and upload results on a regular basis the data reported suffers. But with half a dozen people collecting and uploading data regularly you'll get a pretty reliable picture of your faction on your server.
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    posted a message on Memory Usage
    I agree that he doesn't have any memory problems, I run with 2x what's he's complaining about all the time and close in on 100MB at the AH.

    But, if they still want to know the breakdown of how that 40MB is being utilized, they need to just check the option in PerformanceFu that shows the breakdown by addon.
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    posted a message on Memory Usage
    What he meant was there is an option within PerformanceFu to break it down per add-on (and a recently added option to aggregate multi-part addons like Pitbull into a single line).

    This data is skewed alphabetically if you run with embedded libs though.
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    posted a message on Pitbull Target Frame Glitch
    This used to happen to me. I went through and changed the location of the items that showed up on the spark, logged out, logged back in and then changed them back to where I wanted them and it hasn't happened since.
    I think the problem has something to do with items in the "default" location that aren't referenced in the saved variables as having a specific location. I.e., PVP icon is by default in middle left (for example, I have no idea where it normally is) but if you've never moved it, it doesn't have a reference in the saved variables. Moving it and logging out puts a reference into the saved variables. Once it's reference is there, put it set it to where you really want it and it doesn't stick to the energy ticker or overlay the entire frame.
    This has worked for me atleast as I haven't had the problem in months.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated

    It hasn't hung or had a problem for me since the last update to 1s between items.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Quote from Xinhuan »

    Maybe it disconnects on trying to retrieve mail too fast? I get 300-500 mails daily too and I haven't been disconnecting.

    What do you think?

    Hard to say from an end-user perspective. If making it slower makes it more reliable, I'm all for slower. I'm at the AH for an hour plus posting auctions, so being at the mailbox for a few more minutes doesn't really bother me much.
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    posted a message on Tool to weed out unused addons/libraries?
    What I do:

    Set all Libs to disabled. Start WoW. When you get an error that some Lib isn't loaded, enable it. Most libs will be enabled and then loaded on demand by the addon that needs them.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    I'm not getting the error or lag anymore, but I am getting disconnected while opening mail pretty regularly. On my AH alt, I get 300+ mails each day. The new speed increase is cool, but if I have to login 5-6 times to get all my mail, it takes longer than it did before :(
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Error after your latest set of changes:

    Date: 2007-12-22 19:57:50
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Postal\Postal.lua line 234:
    attempt to index local 'msgSubject' (a nil value)
    Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:301: TriggerEvent()
    ACP, v2.3.1.$Revision: 55862 $
    AucAdvanced, v5.0.PRE.2662
    AucFilterBasic, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    AucStatClassic, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    AucStatPurchased, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    AucStatSimple, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    AucStatStdDev, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    AutoBar, v2.01.00.04 beta
    Automaton, v1.3.0
    Bartender3, v3.1.2 r56537
    BeanCounter, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    Cartographer, vr57321
    CartographerTrainers, v1.0
    CartographerVendors, v1.0
    CartographerBattlegrounds, v2.0
    CartographerCoordinates, v2.0
    CartographerFoglight, v2.0
    CartographerGroupColors, v2.0
    CartographerGuildPositions, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceLoot, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceMaps, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceNotes, v2.0
    CartographerLookNFeel, v2.0
    CartographerNotes, v2.0
    CartographerPOI, v2.0
    CartographerProfessions, v2.0
    CartographerWaypoints, v2.0
    CartographerZoneInfo, v2.0
    CartographerFishing, v1.0
    CartographerNoteshare, v1.0
    CartographerQuestObjectives, v0.9b
    CartographerQuests, v0.2
    CartographerTreasure, v1.0
    ClassTimer, v1.0
    cyCircled, v0.5
    ElkBuffBars, v2.1
    Enchantrix, v5.0.PRE.2662
    EnchantrixBarker, v5.0.PRE.2662 (BillyGoat)
    EnhancedColourPicker, v1.0
    EnhTooltip, v5.0.PRE.2662
    FriendsWithBenefits, v2.0.3.348
    FuBarClockFu, v3.0
    FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
    FuBarExperienceFu, v1.1 $Revision: 55081 $
    FuBarFuXPFu, v3
    FuBarGarbageFu, v2.0.$Revision: 55484 $
    FuBarGroupCalendarFu, v1.0
    FuBarLocationFu, v2.0
    FuBarMoneyFu, v20000-1
    FuBarPerformanceFu, v2.0
    FuBarThreatFu, v1.0
    FuBarTopScoreFu, v2.0
    FuBarTradeCDFu, v1.5 ($Revision$)
    FuBar, v50710
    GrindStatus, v1.2
    InFlightLoad, v2.3.001
    Informant, v5.0.PRE.2662
    ItemPriceTooltip, v1.2
    BabbleBoss22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleClass22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleFish22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleInventory22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleOre22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleRace22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleSpell22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleTradeskill22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleTrainer22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleVendor22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    BabbleZone22, v2.2.$Revision: 54514 $
    Babble22, v2.2.$Revision: 56823 $
    BanzaiLib, v1.1
    Deformat, v1.0 $Revision: 3817 $
    FuBarPlugin20, v2.0 $Revision: 54514 $
    GratuityLib, vr$Revision: 54514 $
    ItemPrice11, v1.1
    OneStorage, v2.0.$Revision: 55087 $
    Parser30, v3.0
    ParserLib, v1.1
    PeriodicTable30, v3.0
    PeriodicTable30Consumable, v3.0
    PeriodicTable30Tradeskill, v3.0
    LibPeriodicTable31, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31Consumable, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31GearSet, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31InstanceLootHeroic, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31InstanceLoot, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31Misc, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31Reputation, v3.1
    LibPeriodicTable31Tradeskill, v3.1
    RosterLib, v2.1
    SharedMediaLib, v1.0
    Soar10, v1.0
    StatLogicLib, v$Revision: 1 $
    Threat10, v2.1
    TipHookerLib, v$Revision: 1 $
    LibDogTag20, v1.0
    LibFuBarPlugin30, v2.0 $Revision: 44269 $
    LibGratuity30, vr$Revision: 41183 $
    LibParser40, v3.0
    LibRollCall20, v2.0
    LitheTooltipDoctor, v1.0.19463
    Menagerie, v56578
    Mendeleev, v2.0.55572
    MobHealth, v3.2
    nQuestLog, v1.0 r57213
    Omen, v2.1r55025
    OmniCC, v2.0.7
    OneBag, v2.0.55081
    OneRing, v2.0.55081
    OneView, v2.0.55081
    oTweaks, v1.0.0
    Outfitter, v3.6.0
    Parrot, v1.0r53391
    PitBull, v2.0r56911
    PitBullAura, v2.0
    PitBullCastBar, v2.0
    PitBullCombatIcon, v2.0
    PitBullComboPoints, v2.0
    PitBullDruidManaBar, v2.0
    PitBullHealthBar, v2.0
    PitBullHideBlizzard, v2.0
    PitBullLeaderIcon, v2.0
    PitBullMasterLooterIcon, v2.0
    PitBullPowerBar, v2.0
    PitBullPvPIcon, v2.0
    PitBullRaidTargetIcon, v2.0
    PitBullRestIcon, v2.0
    PitBullSpark, v2.0
    PitBullVoiceIcon, v2.0
    Postal, v2.1 r57355
    RatingBuster, v1.3.0 (r56707)
    SharedMedia, v1.0
    SimpleCombatLog, v1.3.0.54892
    simpleMinimap, v20100-6
    Skinner, v2.3
    Stubby, v52
    SurfaceControl, v1
    Swatter, v5.0.PRE.2662
    tekKompare, v2.3.0.736
    TradeskillInfo, v1.0.56958
    Violation, v1.0.57181
    WowheadLooter, v2.2.0

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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    ANy possibility of changing the verbose text through an in-game option instead of editing the code?

    I want mine to be something shorter (it wraps to 2 lines because of the size of my chat window). But, I use the # to determine whether I need to keep clicking the mailbox for more, so turning it off means I'm not sure if it was a "full 50" or not.

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    posted a message on Cartographer databases for rock framework
    In your

    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\{YOURACCOUNT}\SavedVariables

    folder you should have the following files for your Cartographer install (along with all your other addone configuration files)


    These files hold the configuration of Cartographer and the Herbalism and Mining configuration and data on nodes that you've seen.

    If these files don't exist it means that your Cartographer isn't installed or working correctly as those files are created the first time Cartographer is run.
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