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    I uploaded the current Layout version to the SVN and updated the Wiki Doc. The API should not change any more, the library should be ready to use.
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    Quote from andreasg »

    Looks very nice. Could this library provide good looking widgets and window decoration too, or is that out of scope?

    Maybe someone could code a widget-providing library using Layout-1.0, but well... I'm the wrong person to call, when you want good looking widgets )-:

    Borlox, let me know when this baby is ready! I can't stand creating frames the old way any more.

    I played around a bit with the object positions, and I think I won't change the interface any more. It should be usable soon (few days). If there is anything you miss, please tell me.
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    Layout is a helper lib for frames, to handle positioning of child elements. It's based on QT's Layout system (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qlayout.html#details).

    Warning: Layout-1.0 is currently something like an alpha version! It's not completed and should not be used, yet.

    A (simplified) example:

    Frame = Layout:CreateFrame(...) -- uses the normal CreateFrame parameters, and adds frame:SetLayout(lay) and frame:GetLayout()
    hlay = Layout:NewLayot("HLayout")

    vlay = Layout:NewLayout("VLayout")


    This would create something like this:

    ||    ||
    |     |
    |[b1] [b2]|

    There will be a nicer way to access layouts than lib:Create*Layout(), soon.

    The whole API will be found (soon, again) here:

    Please post bugs, ideas and wishes here!
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