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    Quote from Gerick »


    I found another problem: If I try to list all member DKP, it only shows the Paladin class. Also dkplist all has the same problem.


    Hi Morgalm

    I postet a few month ago some problems with the german clients. The changes didnt helped me realy so i looked for myself into the Code an found some things i changed for myself, so that it worked for me.

    For Example the Problem with the Listdkp funktion in the MorgDKP.lua
    in the function MorgDKP:FillDKPTable(sender, senderclass, txt, raided) searches for classes with the string:
    if string.find(string.upper(txt), "ALL") then
    		txt = "dkplist Paladin Warlock Druid Mage Priest Rogue Hunter Warrior Shaman"

    (line 909 - 911)
    i changed it with
    if string.find(string.upper(txt), "ALL") then
    		txt = L["localizedclasses"]

    and added to the lokalisationfile (MorgDKP-deDE) the code:
    localizedclasses = "dkplist Paladin Hexenmeister Hexenmeisterin Druide Druidin Magier Magierin Priester Priesterin Schurke Schurkin J?ger J?gerin Krieger Kriegerin Schamane Schamanin",

    After this the listdkp funktion worked for the deDE Client.

    But there are many more little Problems with the german clients that it makes it realy difficult to get a whole translation to other clients.

    at first the Problem with the male and femal classnames.
    In one of my Posts a few month ago i show you a link to the translation file with the bubble classes where classnames with capitalsletters (eg WARLOCK) are translated to the femaleclasses (=HEXENMEISTERIN).

    The Probleme here now is, that in the code from MorgDKP some strings with Classnames are in Capitalletters, so that there will be an translation tho femaleclassnames.
    for example on line 925
    local realClass = BC[data.class]
    i changed these lines with the string :
    local realClass = BC[string.upper(string.sub(data.class,1,1))..string.lower(string.sub(data.class,2,-1))]

    (there are some more lines in other files in BidQuery.lua for example).
    (i think the original lua output for classnames are in capitalletters??)

    Maybe with the "localizedClass, englishClass = UnitClass("unit");" described in http://www.wowwiki.com/API_UnitClass can solve the problem, but there will be many changes to do i think.

    2.) there are some changes to do in strings wich will generate the chat-output to get a readable grammar with german clients. But i didnt find a way to do these changes only with the localisationfile. I changed these strings direct in the file

    i changed into

    I had to add new localisations to the localisationfiles for the word "to"
    in german are more transaltion needed for the little english word "to" ... ("nach" or "f?r" or "zu")

    there are some more changes i did.

    So it is maybe better to let the chatoutput in original english or we will find a way to change the grammar too :-)

    And there is now the point where you have to think about: Will you do a whole workable translation or only a funktional addon that will work with other clients and with english output.

    Thats the reason why i didnt post the changes i made (only for myself) to your wonderfull addon, because its your addon and you do a realy good job. But to get a whole translation there will be many changes to do. And i dont know if it is possible to do that with only the changes in the localisationfile.

    i followed your changes you did in fisheye and put the changed code manualy in the files. i have now a workable version for the german client, but i didnt tested all funktions. I can send you my files, so that you can see the changes i made.

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    To add an Alias, i only tryed it to enter the text in the Boxes. Next time i will try it to choose the names with the dropdown menus. But i think last Weekend i dosent got a dropdown menu to choose Names.. i cant remember, i will try it again next time.

    I m unable to put some spezial charakters here in this Forum. the ? in the first example are an A with an ? above and an i with an ? above.

    In the 2nd example it is an O with an ? (Apostroph) above. (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTE - 195 147 in UTF-8)

    (edit .. HELP , i cant add spezial charakters in this forum ? )

    I am probably just missing that special char you are linking that I only see as ? unfortunately. Is it the curved E character by any chance? I was missing it in alias function though thanks.

    To convert spezial charakters in Names i always use the tabels from the following Links:
    http://www.wowwiki.com/HOWTO:_Localize_an_AddOn and
    http://www.allegro-c.de/unicode/zcodes.htm (Page is in german, but i think you can find there all spezail charakters you need.)

    I hope it will help you to find the last letters :-)

    converttext and converthtml... I tryed it some times. If the string is "converttext()" the names ingame are shown not correct. But with the "converthtml()" the names finaly are shown in the correct way. (ingame) I can only say, that the spelling of the names were correct in game, with converthtml(). I will test this more next weekend.
    ok sorry sorry sorry. I tryed it again now with the converttext() and you are right. But please add the converttext() string to the Alias Funktion at line 21 an 22 in the Morgexport.php. :-)
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    Quote from Morgalm »

    Hmm you using a really old version by any chance? Removed DKP loading long ago but it is still in deDE file so I will remove it.

    Please compare the usUS and deDE localisation Files. There are still some Code inside the deDE File which are removed in the usUS File. This produces the Errors at Login with an german Client like "Improper translation exists. "loaddkpdesc" is likely misspelled for locale deDE"

    I think there is an Error in one of the Plugin Files for the DKP Web Client.
    In Morgexport.php :
    The special Characters arent converted corectly. If i change the "converttext" funktion string with "converthtml" funktion string, the Names Like ?er?s are converted correct in \195\129er\195\172s. If you add the converthtml function string for the Alias Funktion these names are converted correct too.

    19 while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    20			if ($c > 0) $data .= ",\n\t\t";
    21			$alias = converthtml($row['alias_name']);
    22			$member = converthtml($row['member_name']);
    23			$data .= "[\"$alias\"] = \"$member\"";
    24			$c++;
    25		}
    32           $event = converthtml($event);
    138           $member = converthtml($member);
    153 			$member = converthtml($row['member_name']);

    But there is still a problem with the spezial characters inside the Game. I'm unable to add manual a Twink with an spezial character in his name.. for Exampel i want to add a Twink with the Name ?mer. The Addon adds "Mer" (without the ? at the Begin) to the Aliaslist.

    i know trhat the German language is an very difficult Language and i Hate Blizz that they added Male an Femal Classnames.. and some Addon have now Problems with this classnames. So MorgDKP dosent know female Classnames in the Listdkp funktion :-/ (plz take a look at http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=12642.0)

    Edit: .. mhh.. this Forum has Problems with the spezial characters in names too :-(
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    ["Arcane Shroud"] = "Arkaner Schleier"
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    Fehler: AceLocale(QuestsFu): Improper translation exists. "Subzone" is likely misspelled for locale deDE.
    AddOn: FuBar_QuestsFu

    please read changelog before posting "translation" errors

    r31165 | kemayo | 2007-03-28 01:51:48 -0400 (Wed, 28 Mar 2007) | 3 lines
    Changed paths:
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Announce
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Announce/Announce.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Blizz
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Blizz/Blizz.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Details
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Details/Details.lua
    M /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/FuBar_QuestsFu.toc
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Givers
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Givers/Givers.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/PartyNotify
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/PartyNotify/PartyNotify.lua
    M /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/QuestsFu.lua
    M /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/QuestsFuLocale-enUS.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Sound
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Sound/Sound.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Tooltips
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Tooltips/Tooltips.lua
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Tracker
    A /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/Tracker/Tracker.lua
    M /trunk/FuBar_QuestsFu/lib

    - Modules.
    - (Non-enUS localizations need to be transferred out of the old locale files. I've spent too long on this already today to do it now.)
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    Babble-Tradeskill-2.2.lua Revision: 23185

    Line 79 ["Axesmith"] = "Axtschmied",
    Line 87 ["Gnomish Engineering"] = "Gnomeningenieur",
    Line 88 ["Goblin Engineering"] = "Gobliningenieur",
    Line 89 ["Hammersmith"] = "Hammerschmied",
    Line 92 ["Swordsmith"] = "Schwertschmied",
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    ["Blessed Resilience"] = "Gesegnete Abh\195\164rtung"

    ["Nether Protection"] = "Netherschutz"

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    ["Rapid Killing"] = "Schneller Tod"
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