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    Is anyone experiencing the screen freezing when using NRT?
    It only started recently but on both my computers when I mouse over NRT my game freezes for like 10 secs.
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    We have been using RT for loot capture and it is working very well for uploads into EQDKP Websites. The only drawback is that the ML must be using this add on. If he doesn't, distance issues prevent RT from capturing the loot. This happens even if the player running RT is standing next to the Master Looter.

    This only sucks since all potential ML's must run this during raids.
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    Is there a way to steal the code from other add ons? LOL.
    Much of the dirty work is done in NRT (which allows for whispers of players not in raid) and EKAttendance has built in timer. If you merged the timer for attendance snapshots with the whisper feature of NRT you would really have a kick ass add on!! It would have tons of flexibility for different DKP Systems (Time Based, Boss Kill, Loot etc) for attendance and a solid Loot capture.

    Anyway, I will do my testing of distance etc tomorrow.
    My guild is running a 25 man Naxx Clear Friday and I will use this as my loot tracker.
    I also created a new chat bax that only tracks loot. Thsi way I can see all distribution in a simple window. Maybe that will help the catch process?

    It just bums me out to have to use NRT for Attendance and Raid Tracker for Loot.
    I would love to see an all in one add on sometime down the line...
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    I have basically given up on some issues I was having as no one has the answers.
    We use NRT now in "Nihilum" Export mode which just gives me a list of players.
    We must manually kick off the attendances as we use time based DKP and NRT doesn't offer a timer function that auto executes the attendance. So, each hour we double click the icon and NRT Records the memebers. I then copy each list (4 Per Day) and paste into our EQDKP Plus site under the normal Raid Add. This creates 4 raids for the day and counts each attendance in our attendance % on EQDKP.

    Loot tracking will now be done using RAID TRACKER as it seems to be easier to export and import that into EQDKP. I was really hoping NRT would help but this got way to confusing.
    All this crap with Events/Raid etc BLAH. All I want is a list of players each hour (Timer Based) and a list of who looted what during the raid.

    Seems so simple but no add ons do this...
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    Here are my thoughts on the mess that has become loot and attendance tracking.

    Our guild uses a Time Based Point Assignment System. We take attendance each hour and assign points to each member who is present at the time of the attendance. The attendance times are static.

    7:30 Attendance: All Members Receive 1 Point
    8:30 Attendance: All Members Receive 1 Point
    9:30 Attendance: All Members Receive 1 Point
    10:30 Attendance: All Members Receive 1 Point

    We currently use NRT to track raid attendance. However NRT doesn’t have a “Timer” Feature. So we must manually kick off attendances each hour. (This can be problematic while raiding)
    We are looking for a timer feature similar to what this add on does: EK Attendance - EK Attendance offer some great features. Like attendance that is automated based on a timer! It can even take screenshots of the raid at these intervals.

    However, I want to merge this feature with NRT. NRT is important for one reason….
    We do not require “benched” raiders to stay in the active raid. This is counter-productive to the guild as they can’t quest while in a raid and farming rep/gold via quests is important to guild progression. NRT gives us the ability to spam raid chat with a custom message for each attendance. Members who drop raid can add themselves to the current attendance with a simple whisper. We just wish it could be automated via timer so our attendance taker (who is actively raiding) can focus on the raid and not be clock watching!

    Now on to LOOT:
    Loot tracking is messy in NRT. I have not had good experiences with the tracking and export of the data to an EQDKP Website using NRT. I am hoping Raid Tracker solves this problem for me. Basically we want very simple loot tracking. ITEM NAME + Name Of Looter (that’s it!) Boss name it comes from is nice, but not needed really… In the end, we want the loot tracking to be easily up loadable to an EQDKP website via parsing a string.

    It would probably be a very tall order to ask you to add features found in other add ons to yours. If you did it however your add on would be VERY popular. For now I will test your add on for loot only and disable the attendance tracking. Our method of assigning points just doesn't play well with most add ons... Some days I wish I was a programmer so I could write my own add on... (SIGH)

    Also, I use EQdkp-Plus Stable - complete. I believe this uses the CTRT EQDKP website plugin.

    Litany Of Fury Standings - Click here to View Our Site!

    I hope this helps or inspires you to expand on an add on that looks good... This is a wall of text but if you want an offline beta tester hit me up. dcwarcraft at gmail dot com
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    One of the issues we were having with CtRt was distance.
    We were previously using this - http://www.mldkp.net/

    What do I mean by this?
    Example: 25 Man Naxx
    When we kill a boss, only the ML stays behind while the rest of the raid continues to go to the next boss. Although Warcraft now allows you to assign loot to anyone inside the same instances (regardless of distance) CTRT was not tracking it properly. Basically lots was missed.

    Although I can't confirm, I assume this is for distance reasons.

    Does this updated and improved add on fix this?
    Is there another reason that loot might not have been tracking properly?
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