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    Hey, I apologize if this has already been answered.

    As it is now, the bar swaps from the Top Anchor Bar to the Center Anchor Bar when the Top Anchor Bar has 5 seconds left. Is there a way to change this time to be something else, like say 10 seconds? Also, I'd prefer it if it just created a new bar instead of moving the first bar over. When multiple bars are ending at the same time, it's much easier for me to judge them when all of the total bar lengths are standardized at 10 seconds.

    Basically, I guess I'd like to change the bars to work like they do in Big Wigs =) I'm kind of tempted to just use both Big Wigs and Dxe, using the bars from Big Wigs and Dxe for everything else, but if it's possible to get the same functionality with Dxe, obviously that would be ideal.

    Thanks for making a great addon, hope to hear from you.
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