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    Hey LS!
    I've been using GW for quite a while now and I appreciate all the work you do for it. Thank you.

    Is there a way to turn off the availability of mats from disenchanting? Let me explain: I have a tailor / enchanter. Her enchanting screen shows that I can make items that I do not have the mats on hand for. Queueing any of those items shows that it wants me to craft an ungodly amount of items from tailoring and then disenchant them to produce the mats. I really dislike this feature. I'd like to know only what can be produced with on-hand (or on alt, on bank, etc) mats, not what I could make if I craft 32 [insert tailor crafted item] and then DE it all. Unfortunately, this also throws off the calculated value in LSW as it seems to think that mats will "cost" me -x gold thanks to all the predicted residuals from disenchanting such a large amount of items.
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    It seems that HeadCount is not aware when multi-boss encounters are completed, i.e. Omnotron Defense System, Valiona & Therlion, Conclave of Wind. All other "single" bosses recorded correctly except Maloriak (this week and last week). We are headed for Twilight Accendants tonight, IF we get them down I'll let you know if they are recorded or not.

    Additionally, I have the same DE issue as HonestyHyj (buttons don't work) however I can select disenchanted in the drop down and I also see the localization error spam like Pneumatus.

    All that said, I do love HeadCount. We post the data on a sticky on our forums so it's publically known who went, what was killed, and who got what. Please keep up the good work!

    *Edit: Twilight Council did not record either. But we got them down, woot!
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    I installed this for the first time last night before our second night of raiding this week.

    It did not record any boss names (or kills) even though we took down Valiona and Theralion in BoT and Artramedes in BWD.

    The raid was properly recorded for attendance and time and loot that dropped off the bosses was recorded but reported as being dropped by Trash. The trash epic that did drop for us was also recorded and (correctly) reported being dropped by Trash.

    There were no errors (either lua or chatmsg). Installed version is 1.0.4.

    I don't see anyone else yelling about this issue and I see that you are using a raid lockout event to fire so I'm wondering if it's possible that this happened because I already had those two raid locks before installing the mod?

    We won't be raiding again until Tuesday and we are locked to all three raids, so I'm unable to test anything until next week.
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    Quote from faithful2
    Using b2.9901.4 and still getting the mouseover lag. I usually don't get the problem until an hour or two into playing. I do use Prat (which was mentioned above) but do not use a tooltip mod. I used OptionlessHouse to monitor usage and noticed that while having the problem Skinner would jump up in memory/second usage for a moment and I would lag. /Reloadui fixes the issue. After reloading the UI and checking memory usage again, Skinner does not jump up on the list during mouseovers and the lag disappears. I have disabled the tooltip skin and will see if it fixes the issue in a few hours.

    I had the same problem... removing the option to skin the tooltip does fix it. Which turned out to be okay, since TipTop's boder color by rarity doesn't work if Skinner is skinning it.

    One thing to note on the problem, sometimes it would happen soon after a reload, sometimes not for a long time. Memory usage (or lack thereof) by other addons did not seem to play a factor. Also, it did not matter what tooltip mod I was using or even the default, they all caused lag after X amount of time while being skinned.
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    Quote from Crelbourne
    I've just switched to Baggins from Arkinventory, and I can't believe the performance boost I'm seeing ingame.

    The only problem I have is that I can't get Periodic Tables to work. The options are there in the menus but clicking on them does nothing.

    I've tried deleting the embedded PT folders that are including with the latest Baggins release and installing PT 3.1 as a standalone addon, but it doesn't fix the problem.

    I made the same switch about 2-3 weeks ago for the same reason (ArkInventory became super slow). Anyways, a big difference between the two is 'priorities' in Baggins. Set up your catagories and sub-sections however you like, but if all sections and bags have the same priority then it's almost random where items will go. Each virtual bag can have a priority over/under other bags and each section within a bag has a priority.

    In my case, I wanted all my motes, primals, crystalized, and eternals in one section. So I created a catagory called "Elementals" with the following rules;
    PTSet: Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Crystallized
    PTSet: Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Eternal
    PTSet: Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Mote
    PTSet: Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Primal

    I then set the priority of the Section that contained the Elementals rule to '20'. This ensures that any item that meets those PT rules will go to that section not another (in this case, trade mats, or engineering bag, or mining mats).

    I hope that helps you out!
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    To the maintainer(s) of PT:

    There is a typo in the Tradeskill lua, the item id for Eternal Fire ( 36860 ) in "Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Eternal" is incorrectly listed as 35860 (which is actually some quest reward leather boots, heh).

    Also, could you add Eternal Might ( 40248 ) to that line please?

    Fully updated line 109:
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    Thanks for all the hard and continuing work you put into this mod.

    1) You can move Trinity2 from the AddOn Skins folder to the Outdated folder. Trinity2 became dead when 3.0 hit and was replaced by Macaroon. AutoBar Config can be moved as well, it seem the author is not using this sub-mod anymore.

    2) FuBar tooltips are missing their backgrounds giving a tranparent look. The tooltips I'm refering to are the ones that pop-up when mousing over a plug-in. This started around the version that moved to Ace3. Gradients are being applied to them, but not the background or borders. Plugins that use Broker2FuBar are being skinned properly, and right-clicking any plugin will produce a normal looking tooltip. And yes, I do have Ace2, Ace3, and Tablet skins in my folder.

    3) Baggins bank frames refuse to follow the assigned color from Skinner's color options. All Baggins frames end up with the default coloring/gradient. **Edit** Found the issue: To color Baggins bank frames ensure that "Default Background" is checked in the Skinner options.

    Thanks again for your work and help!
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Yeti »

    Hey guys! I'm having trouble creating a single key that does this:

    Healthstones if I have them (and not on CD - largest first)
    BG potions (Major Combat Healing Potion) if I'm in a BG
    Loose potions next (Super, SSC, TK, the ones from Alerian Stronghold)
    Injectors last

    I thought the built in button "Heal" would do this, but it's not switching to my BG potions when I'm in a BG. It seems to have them grouped with regular healing potions.

    I tried creating some custom stuff. I created a category "My BG Pots" and put my WSG and AB Major Combat Healing Potions in it. I created a category "My Healing Pots" and put Super Healing Potion and Healing Potion Injector in it.

    I then created a custom button that had Healthstones first, My BG Pots second, and My Healing Pots last. It works in that it uses HSes first, but it doesn't work in that even though I have the "Battlegrounds Only" checkbox checked, My BG Pots show up after HSes instead of My Healing Pots.

    Also, what does the "Location" checkbox do?

    Thank you!

    Bumped cause I'd like to know as well. Also, when I have "Hot Buttered Trout" and Mage bisquets in my inventory, the trout will take priority. I was under the impression that all conjured food/water had highest priority. Has anyone else seen this or did I miss a checkbox somewhere?
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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    Just a quick note to let you know that the cooking recipe "Mithril Head Trout" is recorded wrong in TSI.
    The TSI name is "Mithril Headed Trout". I don't know if this is something that was recently changed in a patch, I am guessing it was since 3 of my toons know the misspelled version according to TSI, but when I picked it up for a fourth toon, TSI had no info for it (no info on actual recipe scroll tooltip).
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    This is in regards to the Range Check module:

    Thanks to a serious case of 'altitus' I have toons of many different classes and noticed some things I did not like about the range checking of PitBull, mostly the lack of proper range checking for not friendly units for some classes. I have been implementing the following changes for quite a while on my own local copy every time I update and I have noticed no adverse issues. Perhaps my changes could be made 'officially'. I have no access to the SVN or understanding of how all that really works, so I'm making this suggestion here.

    The idea behind these changes was to primarily check for distance on hostile units in addition to friendly units and use the earliest possible skills (lowest level) with common ranges. I do not understand what the 'distanceCheckFunctionLow' is doing and therefore I did not mess with those lines at all. My main being a Paladin, I incorporated two checks for range, one for the "Judgement" skill which is available at level 2 and another for "Avenger's Shield" for the prot flavored pallys. I have tested this with a noob pally as well as my main and it works quite well. I suppose another check could be added for those Holy pallys that would check for "Holy Shock" since "Avenger's Shield" would return nil.

    At any rate, if you think my changes are useless or fluff, so be it, but I find them helpful and thought I would share them with the community. These changes affect lines 62-86 as of version 62441 (I've noticed the lines keep changing due to the addition of localization code, it used to be lines 26-50).

    	local _,class = UnitClass("player")
    	if class == "PRIEST" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Lesser Heal"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Smite"], unit) == 1 end
    	elseif class == "DRUID" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Healing Touch"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Wrath"], unit) == 1 end
    	elseif class == "PALADIN" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Holy Light"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Judgement"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Avenger's Shield"], unit) == 1 end
    	elseif class == "SHAMAN" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Healing Wave"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Lightning Bolt"], unit) == 1 end
    	elseif class == "WARLOCK" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Corruption"], unit) == 1 or IsSpellInRange(BS["Shadow Bolt"], unit) == 1 or CheckInteractDistance(unit, 4) end
    		distanceCheckFunctionLow = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Fear"], unit) == 1 or UnitIsFriend("player", unit) end
    	elseif class == "MAGE" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Fireball"], unit) == 1 or CheckInteractDistance(unit, 4) end
    		distanceCheckFunctionLow = function(unit) return IsSpellInRange(BS["Fire Blast"], unit) == 1 or UnitIsFriend("player", unit) end
    	elseif class == "HUNTER" then
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) 
    			return IsSpellInRange(BS[UnitIsUnit(unit, "pet") == 1 and "Mend Pet" or "Auto Shot"], unit) == 1 or CheckInteractDistance(unit, 4)
    		distanceCheckFunction = function(unit) return CheckInteractDistance(unit, 4) end
    	running = false
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Would it be possible for the numbers of craftable items to change based on the current queue? I guess you could take the data of mats required (aka 'Shopping List') and subtract that from mats available to show the number craftable. This would help when trying to craft several different items that all use common mats.
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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    Quote from Evenue »

    Recording the information would be relatively easy. Whether the information on Thottbot is accurate or not is why it's never been done before (as far as the discussion in this thread goes). I'm not opposed to the idea at all, even if it is a little (ton) of work :)

    I just saw a post that this data is now (or soon will be) available on WoWHead.
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    Quote from gogusrl »

    I`m getting this error when i try to play with middle frames :
    [2008/02/04 00:53:20-4086-x4]: Skinner-2.3\AddonFrames.lua:747: attempt to index global 'db' (a nil value)

    Also, how do you change the size of the middle frames ?

    I'm getting the same error, I believe this is the issue that Jncl posted that was known and to be fixed in next release.

    As for changing the size, hold the 'control' button (or maybe the 'alt' button, I always get them confused) and hold left-click. Moving the mouse will resize the frame. Note: the frame always resizes from the bottom and right.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Routes
    I found the issue... RoutesFu. RoutesFu had all routes in each zone checked. Apparently, RoutesFu over-rides or is at least in conflict with the auto hide/show settings of Routes. I assume that when my buffs changed RoutesFu was fired and since all routes were checked, it showed all routes. Unchecking my herbs route on my miner and mining routes on my herbalist prevented any more unexpected behavior.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Routes
    After a bunch of trial and error, I am able to faithfully reproduce the behavior...

    Removing a buff that was present when the UI was loaded will cause the hidden routes to appear.

    Example: I log into the game on my Pally miner. He has Blessing of Scratches His Butt already on when he logged on. Currently the minimap and world map only reflect his 'Treasure' route (show all the time) and 'Minerals' route (show with profession).. all is good. Then Blessing of Scratches His Butt wears off (either by right-click, different Blessing, or time out) and instantly the 'Herbs' route shows up (show with professions).

    Reloading the UI will make the 'herbs' route hide again, but whatever buffs were up at reload are now the ones that cause 'herbs' to show when they wear off.

    I am only slightly familiar with the Blizz API, and given what you have stated above, I don't see how this could be, but I was able to reproduce it many times with many different buffs and always had the hidden route pop up.

    I should also note that this does not just happen in one zone, it happens in ALL zones I have routes built for, and it also happens with mining routes for my herbalist who is not a paladin, so no strange class related buff issues could be the culprit. So if my routes are corrupt, that would mean that EVERY route that I've ever created is corrupted in EXACTLY the same way.
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