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    posted a message on TinyTip v2 (official thread)
    I love this addon. Nothing to configure for me. It works out of the box except that I can't remove the fade-out time. This is VERY annoying if you play class like warrior where targeting is very important in pvp. It hides half of my screen :( charge/intercept is hard :( ... hope this will get fixed some day... before it was possible to disable tooltip fade-out timeout.
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    posted a message on please help me identify addon in this movie?
    Hello Friends,

    i want to find out the name of some addon.

    in this movie there is some addon that shows big buttons in the middle of the screen when cooldown is over for some skill. i think that is what this addon is doing. anyway i want to know which what is it. you can see it in action in this movie:


    Addon shows big buttons of stormstrike, flamestrike, etc for a second.


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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    Quote from EmGee »

    hey all

    i have some issue since like 2 days
    i am a hunter and whenever my pet attacks the threat skyrockets for my pet
    i tried different pets, growl on/off etc
    so with a pet displaying about 8k tps it messe sup the whole threatlist

    anything known about that ?


    yes for me latest version is broken for hunters. i switched back to http://files.wowace.com/Omen/Omen-r49017.9.zip and its working again.
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    i can't fix that librock error. i am trying many versions of pitbull but not luck. very strange.
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    posted a message on BanzaiAlert - aggro notifications

    I have the same problem. BA works only in groups.
    I've tried to delete WTF and Interface folders and installed only BA alone.

    when I log into the game and type /banzaialert it says

    Onlyingroup [on]
    and that the addon is suspended.

    toggleing both does not help.

    if i join group it starts to work immediatelly :(

    can you help me.

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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    how can i enable the default blizzard castbar?

    edit: and how i can enable party only in raids. dont wanna full raid to be displayed.
    if i disable raid module. party is gone too if i am in raid. also it seems i have the same issue like the guy below. lag spikes.

    oh i just reloaded ui and pitbull is gone. now i see blizzard frames. :((((
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    posted a message on Aguf laggy...
    i have the same issue. anybody have any ideas to solve it?
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    posted a message on aguf: Whispering people from other servers using right click and Whisper.

    If I try to whisper Someguy-Somerealm using right click and whisper command it send message to Someguy.
    I get error that there is no such person. Please fix this if possible.

    edit: I must learn to read the stickies! addon name in topic please
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    posted a message on Fubar_DPS
    i have exactly the same issue. tried to download latest versions.
    english version.
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    posted a message on FuBar causing the minimap to wanders
    my minimap is ok because i am using simpleminimap but my right side action bar wanders.
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    i am shaman and when i go to healing gear everything is fine but when i switch back to DPS gear my offhand is still my healing offhand. i guess maybe its related to the fact that i use 2x HWL axes + 2x crusader enchants. main hand is replaced correctly but offhand is not. i don't know how ClosetGnome is switching gear... if its like pressing right mouse button over item in inventory then it would not work. because if my current main hand is HWL axe and i right click on the very same HWL axe in inventory it will replace the one i am wearing, offhand stays unchanged.
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    posted a message on Grid
    guys how can i filter debuffs to the ones i can cure. i am shaman. i dont wanna see curses and magics.
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Quote from imperia »

    I am shaman and when I drop Fire Nova Totem I got this error:

    Error: Interface\AddOns\Chronometer\Core\Chronometer.lua:283: bad argument #1 to `unpack' (table expected, got nil)

    sorry for quoting myself. but i would like to see this error fixed if possible. its very annoying to get error every time when using fire nova totem.
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    posted a message on oTweaks = /love
    copied from other site:

    "Increase the range of your Target nearest key.

    Edit your /WTF/Config.wtf and add in:

    SET TargetNearestDistance "40.000000"

    Default range is '20', I'm not sure you can set it above 40, but it used to be 45, from what I read."
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Can you update Squishy for the lastest CastParty, so I don't need to update it everytime.

    core.lua line 442

    SquishyCustomClick = CastParty_OnClickByUnit


    SquishyCustomClick = CastParty.Event.OnClickByUnit
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