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    sorry my error, my post was about the ui that i posted.
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    hi i'm using Cael Nameplates (it's like Evil_nameplate).

    I edited the lua changing the height of nameplates from 10 to 5 as I did for casting bar.
    I saved the changes but the nameplate active when I see most of the mobs with the original nameplate(10) and only someone with nameplate lowest (5).

    this is the code:
    				local healthBar, castBar = child:GetChildren()
    				if not child.skinned then
    					if not healthBar.bg then 
    						local bg = healthBar:CreateTexture(nil, "BORDER")
    						bg:SetVertexColor(.01, .01, .01, .2)
    						healthBar.bg = bg
    					if not castBar.bg then 
    						local bg = castBar:CreateTexture(nil, "BORDER")
    						bg:SetVertexColor(.01, .01, .01, .2)
    						castBar.bg = bg

    some help?
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    my first post :)
    in combat:

    Cast Out of combat:

    help me to do better plz.

    i'm searching an addon for nameplates, i'm using aloft but it is too heavy. I want a small nameplate like in the screen, i tryed with Evil_Nameplate editing Lua but after few minutes it lost the modify and return like the original :|

    P.S: hide bindings.

    Please sorry for my english too :shy:
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