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    Hi all, i've been playing a melee healer since the start, but still have trouble with the masses of UI i have to play with to actually play the class. Having to select both defensive and offensive targets while closing with a target, or while already fighting, is proving difficult.

    I've tried a number of keybinds for the various targetting options provided with the game, but in the swirl of RVR melee doing both tasks can be difficult. Often since this is a large battle game the defensive target is out of WB, usually kiting or panicking - making getting a click on them difficult when close up. There's usually other allies/enemies around disrupting any 'select nearest target'. (or at least making it doubly difficult to stand in such as way that a melee healer could select 'nearest enemy' AND 'nearest ally' and get both the targets needed.) But even so, that means having to play the UI, rather than the game. I'd much rather be concentrating on my own characters positioning, such as staying with my own guard, or trying for a rear attack, than trying to work out how to position so that the keybind targetting works.

    Other options (next enemy/ally, or checking the WB to see if the target can be obtained from there) seem even weaker in large battles. I was wondering if there is any function out there that can help with selecting a close ally in need of help? I recently became aware that there did exist such a mod that could have been turned to this end, (Emonitor), but it's my understanding this was too powerful. I'm not aware what functionality of that mod was 'at fault', or where the line on addons was drawn. Is it still possible to select targets by distance/health percentage, and if so, is it still acceptable to do so in certain situations - such as by actually having to click? Having a function that clicked to select a target on low health within very short range would be a big help in allowing melee healers to focus more on actually playing the game rather than the ui IMO.

    Please note that i'm not sure what is allowed or disallowed. I've had some experience with old programming languages and with Word Macros, but this LUA seems beyond me :(

    Any help, feedback, constructive criticism or advice appreciated.
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