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    posted a message on Wot's your development/test environment?
    On ubuntu intrepid, I'm playing WoW and ;
    editing files using gEdit,
    inspecting tables with tableInspector
    inspecting variables with the ace print command
    experiementing in game with short stuff using hack

    I've tried playing wow in windows but i don't get any improved performance and lack of real workspaces(virtual desktops) annoys me.

    Quote from MoonWitch
    I just have one issue. I spend 4 hrs a day traveling (2hrs to work and 2 back), so I am considering an eePC (some mini pc crap) or a laptop (perhaps a pda/smarhphone could do this too) to use a simple text editor (with syntax highlighting if possible) on the road. Anyone any suggestions?

    eeepc that comes with ubuntu includes gEdit by default.

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    posted a message on oRA2
    agreed, it's what i have been doing with libhealcomm
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    posted a message on oRA2
    how about when you send a version check out, that it would look at two numbers from your version.

    one is the usual version number, the other is the version number that describes the last version which implemented critical changes.
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    posted a message on Question for a dual booter
    Silly question maybe, but if it's not a server then why are you using raid?

    RAID as far as I understand has two uses :
    cloning and striping.

    Cloning is one of the methods used to reduce the downtime in the event of a disaster, by virtue of the fact that data is concurrently written to two drives at the same time.
    Striping, is for increasing disk access speed where half the data is written to one drive and the other half to another drive at the same time.

    For a desktop where the working files are cached in memory...whats the point of using raid...seems like overkill for little benefit.
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    posted a message on LibVersionCheck-1.0
    Quote from Tekkub
    Bossmods? Still I agree, version checking isn't needed for other people. My addons are my business.


    I still have people in my guild running the 8000 series, and version checking provided by libHealComm allows me to identify people who haven't installed it.
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    posted a message on Windows 7
    Quote from Matrix110
    That doesnt change the fact that Linux fails in every area where it interacts with the User :P (Its improving though!)

    And its not like Linux is immune to Viruses...its just a fact that the average Linux user is far more advanced with Computers than the average Windows Users and updates his stuff more regularly and is more aware.
    I dont think Linux people are running 5 year old Linux distros without any Security updates, yet there are insanely many that run a not updated Windows XP SP2 or even worse...or are Linux people installing a program from a popup that says: YOUR PC IS INFECTED PLEASE INSTALL SUPER ANTIVIRUS NOW!!!!! ? I dont think so (assuming it would run on Linux)

    Not to mention that the Linux home User group is far far far far smaller than the Windows group and its not like every Linux User is running the same distro etc. etc. if there is a Security Vulnerability in that distros specific lets say Window Manager then it just targets a small percentile of the Linux users, while with Windows it would target everyone.
    Its the same with Browser exploits. using a Browser that is used by less than 2% (Opera/Chrome/Safari(on Windows)) of the Internet Users is normally less susceptable to any exploits than IE or FF is, just because the targeting group is so small.

    If you are updating your Windows, using a Virus Scanner, a Firewall/Router, occasionally scan for Spyware and dont install suspicious stuff you normally will never encounter a Virus in your life.

    Iam not defending Windows here but its just ridiculous how some people argument :P

    A few things :

    + The myth that linux has been free from virus due to it's small userbase is just that... a myth. The security measures on linux especially ubuntu are not anywhere near as annoying or superficial than they are on windows xp, vista and assumedly windows7.

    + The amount of people running an outdated/non-updated version of windows xp/vista/7 can basically be attributed to a few things :
    1. they are using pirated version, thus little to no reliable safe access to updates.
    2. wit ha company like microsoft which likes to assume all its customers are criminials and requires them to prove otherwise...how can you even trust the updates you may be able to haxor?
    3. many people using windows xp don't have internet.
    4. microsoft still haven't fixed security flaws in windows xp, and the rate at which they respond to security flaws at any time is abysmal.

    The lack of security in the filesystem seperating user and root along with Point 4 there is the strongest reason why windows is susceptable to so many virus. The amount of people in the windows user category just compounds it and is not the reason for it.

    Quote from Belazor

    Please explain to me the difference between running as a standard user and being asked for your password every time an application wants to make changes to your computer, and running as a standard user and having to use command line to enter your password every time you want an application to make changes to your computer.
    And the average user cares about this? There's no benefits to being able to change file systems, except to create incompatibilities. You fail.
    Because typing "regedit" and searching for your settings instead of searching for your settings and then opening the .ini file is so much different, amirite? You fail.
    So because it works out of the box without needing to make tons of useless choices it's bad? You fail.
    Did you just seriously say that because users love a new feature in the OS, it fails? You sound like a butthurt and jealous zealot. Oh, and: You fail.
    Windows Vista and above is no more or less susceptible to viruses than OS X or Linux, if it's ran as a standard user with UAC enabled.
    This is of course not counting OS exploits, which no software is immune from.
    In Linux, all a virus could do was mess about with files in your home area, same as Vista. Unless you explicitly gave it permissions to mess about with the rest of your computer.

    You, sir, are a gigantic failure at arguing your points.

    I'm pretty sure you just demonstrated a lack of understanding on all points there, so since you're a bit slow...I'll break it down for you :

    UAC, being as annoying as it is for the average user pretty much gets turned off because it presents itself at the drop of a hat on the most mundane tasks that should not even require privileges to be checked. The end result is the user effectively running in administrator mode.

    File systems, the benefit of having multiple file systems available is that you can choose the one suited for the task, if you read about the various methods of file allocation between Resier and Ext3 for example you being to see that they are for two different tasks, NTFS however is still too much like FAT which was designed for linear storage.

    Binary blobs are a nightmare when it coems to disaster recovery policies, ascii files are far easier to recover than a compressed binary blob. It has been my experience that given a comparable search for any key value through regedit compared to gconf, I always find that because gconf is a collection of xml files the search result is instantanous, where as regedit is still thinking about whether i can be bothered waiting for an answer.

    You seem to be especially slow here, when an benile feature such as the taskbar is touted as being the best thing about the system...and when you see that the said awesome feature is really just a skinned version of the old one....what can one assume about the rest of the system?

    You at least have an understanding of the limitations that a virus(if it were even able to execute) can achieve on linux, however(See my section above your quote) you seem to be under the illusion that microsoft have fixed all their bugs and security holes and/or are very apt to provide zero day bug/security fixes.

    Lastly, it's interesting to see that you were fired up enough to di-sect my post and try to turn it round on me. It's a shame you were unable to create any solid concrete facts to counter my claims.

    Back on topic: still waiting for microsoft to do something about signed drivers nightmare.
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    posted a message on wow & lua & tcp
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Not possible. WoW's Lua also cannot read/write to/from files.

    correction, it does read/write to files when you do a /reloadui
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    posted a message on Flock?
    Quote from Squeeg
    Has anyone ever taken a look at Flock? It's apparently a Firefox-based browser. It looks very... communication-centric. Looks a bit too frilly for me, was just wondering if anyone's ever tried it out?

    Yes, it's been around a long time. it's setup for people who use and edit blogs alot.

    In fact because of the extras it has, you may not need to install any addons and thus you may find it a bit faster than firefox.
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    posted a message on Windows 7
    Quote from Chrnotic

    The first thing a normal user should do is to turn off UAC before doing anything else, as it's a hog that's been left since it's predecessor.

    LOL please neck yourself.

    Windows is just becoming a poor attempt to copy linux.

    And since it is becoming apparent that microsoft have no wish to create an authentication system that can rival sudo....I wont be touching this POS anytime this lifetime.

    no sudo, fail
    no choice of FS, fail
    config and settings locked in a binary blob, fail
    essentially only one desktop enviroment as a choice, fail
    users considering the taskbar as it major improvement, fail

    still susceptable to viruses.....need I say more?
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    posted a message on SavedInstances
    Quote from jokeyrhyme

    Which Broker "presenter" are you using? I really like the way FuBar and TitanBar work, so I probably wouldn't switch over unless a decent facimile was possible.

    I used to use fubar, but was unhappy with its resource usage.
    I like the idea behind broker, so i began searching for a presenter...with the caveat that fubar was not an option.

    I found Dockingstation. it has a few bugs, but nothing thats a show stopper....and its great as it's usage doesnt differe much from fubar.

    Now my relevant contribution to this thread, I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this :

    I also found that Broker_RaidSaved mod is a great idea...
    Though one thing i always hated having to do was to reply to peoples question :

    "what dungeons are you saved to?"

    So I thought, why can't this fubar/broker mod also allow me to print out the info its holding into chat?

    Thats when i came round to making this macro firstly in a readable format :

    local o = ""
    local q = GetSavedInstanceInfo
    local c = GetNumSavedInstances
    if c() > 0 then 
     for i=1,c() do
      o = o .. (h==2 and '[h]' or '') .. n 
      if (i < c()) then 
       o = o .. ", "
     o = "None"
    ChatFrameEditBox:Insert(format("Saved to : %s",o))
    secondly in a format thats good for your macro editor in-game:

    /run o,q,c="",GetSavedInstanceInfo,GetNumSavedInstances;if c()>0 then for i=1,c() do n,a,b,h=q(i);o=o..(h==2 and '[h]' or '')..n..(i < c() and ", " or "") end else o="None" end;ChatFrameEditBox:Show();ChatFrameEditBox:Insert(format("Saved to: %s",o))
    Then i saw how other broker addons where allowing mousedown interactions with the actual element on you presenter and implemented something that would do the above when i shift clicked on the icon/text :


    I apologise that i cannot remember exactly which lines i modified all together, but I am sure that most of it occurs between lines 723 & 740
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    filed a ticket about range faders not working, after loooking at it combat faders don't either.

    This will be an important aspect of party and raid frames for healer classes.
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Quote from ggfbbf
    I'm trying to do a hack where I automatically queue items into Skillet based on external, non-Skillet events.

    I peeked into the third party hooks for the external API and can't find any suitable functions.

    I found a local function add_items_to_queue() in SkilletQueue.lua, would it work for me if I just make it non-local and call Skillet.add_items_to_queue from my addon?

    Yep, would be great to recieve whispers like :

    [Runic Mana Potion] 20
    Then have skillet que up '20 x Runic Mana Potion' for crafting, after which a reciept is generated for each order so when all your crafting is done..you know who to send what items back.

    Would also be ideal to have options for restricting auto-que whispers from : your-target, guildmembers & people on your friends list.
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    posted a message on AuldLangSyne Replacement/Continuation
    Here if your just using ALS for the notes in tooltips, then since blizzard UI provides notes on guild and friends list : I took some code shown elsewhere in the forums here and published it in a fairly messy way.

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    posted a message on Quest Item bar/popup
    This one is virtually a copy of autobar. very lightweight sits at 16.27kb in memory.
    Select : http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11607-Select.html
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