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    posted a message on Failed LoadAddOn "without reason"?
    I use Sniff


    Still works in 3.2 for items

    You need to look the item ID up in wow head tho

    Or you could use AtlasLoot , which last time I checked did not need Atlas loaded to use anymore.
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    posted a message on 3.2 Changes
    Quote from DigitalSorceress

    the LUA function:
    GetDifficutlyColor( level )

    is now

    GetQuestDifficutlyColor( level )

    Nice tip but .....

    ~lart Digital Sorceress

    *purl slaps Digital Sorceress with a giant halibut*

    You have a spelling mistake in there lassy :D

    GetDifficultyColor => GetQuestDifficutlyColor

    You might want to edit your post to correct the spelling mistake. I've bolded your spelling mistake in that post there.

    Don't take this the wrong way or anything. Your tip did enable me to get rid of 12 bug sack errors that come up. I'm not trying to be Mr everyone must have correct spelling here. It's just the people will be trying to use your post to do a global find and replace and it's not going to work with the wrong spellings of the function names concerned :D

    As soon as you correct your spelling mistake I'll delete this post :D

    PS That first part was a light jest by the way. If you're ever on the wowuidev or wowace IRC Channels you'll know what I mean by it :D
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater?
    Quote from Torhal
    Incoming wall of text from honem. :)

    Nah no Wall of Text posts tonight I've s got things to do :D

    Quote from HunterZ
    Ironically, it was his statement of "to each their own" in another thread that prompted me to reply to the "I don't see why anyone would wan to be different from me" sentiment :p

    It was more about arguing against the "an automatic updater program is THE ONLY way of updating your addon"

    Yeah , HunterZ I still feel each person should have their own method of updating.

    An automatic updater program suits you since you need to be downloading the latest build of every addon you use since you're going to be picking the code apart most likely.

    It doesn't however suit me as I only ever update on maintence nights or when i'm having a problem with one of my addons. :cool:
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater?
    Personally I don't see the need for an automatic updater at all.

    Unless there is something specifically broken in your UI preventing you from playing you can afford not to update your addons for a while.

    There's also a number of ways you can use to manually update your addons. No it doesn't take as long as people think. Takes me 15 - 20 minutes every 2 weeks , usaully on a maintenance night or if I'm bored on wow.
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    posted a message on replacement for FuBar?
    Quote from Phanx
    That's exactly why I don't use Fortress. I like everything to hide until I mouse over it, and it's not really convenient to have to run the mouse all over the screen hunting for the particular thing I want to show. Much easier to have everything on one bar... which, by the way, doesn't have to be at the top or bottom of the screen. :p

    Meh to each their own

    Oh look I think I found a replacement for QuestFu I think someone was asking for :


    If not might of been on one of the other forums I post stuff to
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    posted a message on replacement for FuBar?
    Personally I use Fortress.

    I like how instead of being restricted to only having it on the top , bottom or on the minimap I can drag my Broker Modules around leg little lego blocks. They even do this snapping together thing :D :D
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    posted a message on 3.2 Changes
    I actually quite like the built in Gear Manager.

    I have very very simple requirements in a gear manager. I have 2 toons with duel spec on both of them so they hence both have 2 sets of gear. I want to be able to switch between them with a click.

    I used to use ItemRack for this but it wasn't as fast switching 13 items of gear. With the built in Gear Manager it's instantaneous. Yes I do end up using a few other addons to provide other functions to add onto it (namely the ability to update a set , tie a set to a spec, a menu to change and something that puts the set in item is in on the tooltip). But each addon does one thing and it does that one thing really well :D

    Yes. I'm a minimalist with my addons. I hate these "everything plus the kitchen sink and half your laundry" type addons with functions you might use once in a blue moon on an alternative Sunday when Jupiter is in line with Mars.

    As for the other changes I see it like this : The less code an author has to debug the better. The less work an author has to do the better. I think of all the work going into keep things like ItemPrice lib and Sellfish and shudder. Now that author possibly doesn't have to do that anymore. A happy addon author is a productive addon author :D
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    posted a message on DBM should be removed from Curse and WoWI
    Quote from Arkayenro
    wm bandwidth used is the same as having it sourced from your own web site via ftp or http links - so please dont go there, its pointless, not oblique.

    Let's see. I'm at Work on a Busy Saturday. Yes I think I will go there (will only take 2 mins to dispell your illusions).

    Arrowmaster who frequents this site noted that the tecnology used to write wowmatrix leaves it's code in plain text view in memory. With the right tools you can view it's source code rather easily.

    He found that it in fact does not use a list of download URLs. What it stores is a list of addon pages on which is the download link. It then "scrapes" each page for the download link. That is it downloads that page about 3 times.

    Sources :

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    posted a message on Strange in-game sound problem
    Quote from Mikari
    It's the new aggro change sound added in 3.1 by Blizzard, not addon related at all.


    When I was extracting the sounds out of the MPQs for the interface thingy above I did come across something called an "aggro" sound.

    Download that and sample the commands in game.

    Then using the path it gives you recreate that data structure in your Data folder with a 0k sound file (ie replace it with a nothing sound)
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    posted a message on Curse client - free version vs premium version
    Quote from Adirelle
    With the free version, you can only update one addon at a time and you have to click for each one.

    TY For the confirmation Adirelle .. I need to work out why I'm not getting notifications of changes in thread topics :(

    So if it's sorted up the top and you have 5 addons to update you just click 5 times ? Sounds like a game of whack a mole ! Make it so ! Mini game in ma addon updater FTW.
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    posted a message on Curse client - free version vs premium version
    Can anyone here confirm for what the difference is between the free version and premium version is ?

    I'm especially interested in confirming if it's still true that :

    Both = start up , checks addons to update , put addons to update at the top of the list.

    Premium Version = Update all button up the top.

    Free Version = Update button besides each addon to update.

    Suggestion : Free Version = have a mini game where you have to click stuff around to update the addons. Would make updating your addons fun

    Also I'm terribly utterly sorry I haven't tried to seek the answers myself :p I'm currently at work at a call desk so I don't really have a lot of time to search through that behomoth of a thread at the top of the forums or even just to google it. I've had to take 10 calls since I started to write this already :eek:. Having it answered in a thread of it's own also means I can quote it to people 8)

    Thank you for your time :D
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    posted a message on Updater Problems
    Quote from TheAvenger

    one more question though. Does anyone know an easy utility to modify the ##Interface numbers in the toc file. With swapping to CC, alot of .toc's became "out of date" even though they work perfectly. I know i can manually change them but gg again, lots of mods. And i hate that tickbox "load out of date addons". I much more like them just being up to date "wowtoc" i used a long time ago is discontinued ages ago.

    You need to understand why that's such a bad idea.

    *puts Hermionine lecture hat on*

    The Interface or "TOC" number is used by authors to say "my code is for this patch".

    IMHO it should only be used by authors after they have confirmed that they have updated their code for the changes in lua brought by the patch they are changing their toc number to.

    Some addons will work without any changes to their code as the calls in the API they work with have not changed. This does not mean they should have their toc number automatically changed for them.

    It also serves as an important diagnostic step - it shows you on the addon screen what addons have or have not had their code updated for the current patch. You turn "load out of date addons" off and all the addons that probably haven't had code updated for the current patch all get turned off. You then load into game and see if you having the same problems.

    That's the reason why you have the "load of date addons" option.

    *takes Hermionine lecture hat off*

    As you an see it's something that only the addon authors should be changing :D
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    posted a message on Just noticed...
    *strips naked and starts dancing*

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    posted a message on Captcha/wowmatrix
    I don't have any compliants about why the captchas just need help with oooonnneee thing.

    Just one thing.

    I got a couple of times to enter a quarter character.


    The little image thing would have "13 1/4 someword" or "some word 4 1/2". It wasn't like 1/4 (ie characters 1 then slash then 4). It was the character of 1/4 (the 1 was small top left and slash then 4 in bottom right all in same character frame)

    Soooo how does one on a Mac OS X 10.5.6 ??

    We longer have Key Caps on the mac. Closest I could find was something that gives you the keyboard codes but not one that gives a whole map of the KB.

    I know I can click the little reload icon on the captcha thingy. Would like to know how to enter it in case i get several fractional characters in a row.

    Cookie to someone who can post how ..... HALP! :D
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Quote from Kusala
    If there's not going to be any hope of this happening, then I'll just close the program and only open it when I decide a check should be made.

    Ma grandpa always said "If it ain't broken don't fix it"

    I apply this to updating my addons...

    "If your UI isn't broken don't update it!"
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