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    I've been using questfu for over a year now, and I've been holding out a for a fix that's never come, so I'll describe my issue here.

    What happens is, occasionally, and seemingly at random, the questfu tooltip, detacthed or not, will unexplicably refuse to respond to mouse clicks. It lists quests by zone, such as Nagrand, Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley, etc. Occasionaly, it will get in a state where all these regions are collapsed and when I click on the "+" (plus sign) in the header, nothing happens expect toggling it to a "-" (minus sign). I can click all day long and the tooltip will refuse to expand and show the quests in that zone. Sometimes reloading the UI will fix it and other times it will not. Also, sometimes it seems to clear itself up without any manual intervention. I like questfu overall and I've tolerated and lived with this bug, reloadingui when it occurs etc, but it would really be nice to see if there was a fix for this. It is very frustrating and when it happens, it makes the addon unusable. I have a lot of addons loaded and I can provide a comprehensive list if you'd like. But this is the only quest-related addon I use.

    Anway, thanks to all the people who work hard on addons and for making the wow experience a better one.
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