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    Hey there. I found this addon a couple days ago and I have been feverishly creating timer bars.

    I started with the export of the sample shadowpriest bar layout that is available as a google doc. Now I'm wondering - all the work i'm doing using the GUI options, and then creating a configuration works great for quickly setting up my bar layouts between classes on different servers, but I have two accounts. I made a configuration for my hunter on account a, and I have a hunter on account b, but all the work I did on account a doesn't exist on account b.

    So here's what I'm wondering. Is there a way to export the work I did into a text document so I can simply import it to my second account? or send to friends who love the look but don't have the patience to configure every single feature?

    ETA: I think I've found the answer. You can export individual bar settings. I'm going to experiment with this and see if I can work out the rest on my own.
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