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    Since the author doesn't seem to be updating this for 3.0.x I'm attempting to get it to work with Inscription, but I have a couple of issues. Keep in mind, I've never done this sort of thing before, so this is a bit over my head. But I'm getting there.

    1. I have the Inscription skill showing in the list now, but am unable to get it to recognise any Inscription cooldowns (specifically "Minor Inscription Research" and "Northrend Inscription Research"). I realise the CDs are listed by the item number of the recipe, but where do I find out what recipes are what number?

    2. Each character on the list is listed in the raid colour of their class. Currently in the game the Death Knight is red, but this mod lists the DK as grey. I'm not sure where in the files this is located.

    3. Also unable to figure out what the icon is called for Inscription. Again, is there a list of what the name of each icon is called?
    EDIT: Found out it's called "INV_Inscription_Tradeskill01" and I have it showing the Inscription icon on FuBar now.
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