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    posted a message on Hemlock (super-minimalistic poison maker)
    Last Version doesn't work for me - same error as the other users. Before it worked fine (german client).

    Is it possible to chosse which rang of poison should be produced?
    For PvP Crippling Poison I is enough ^for me and much more cheaper than version II ... ;)

    Thx, Matthias
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    posted a message on oCB invisible after unlock?

    after 2.0 patch I switched my casting bar replacement from eCB to oCB.

    OK, I can live without a GUI (like in eCB), but why I don't get a border or something after I unlock oCB??? The only way to position the bar is to cast a loooong ;) spell (mount or something) and then quickly change the bar or reposition it, before the spells ends ...

    Is there no way to display the bar for configuration purposes or is this a bug?
    I have already installed the latest version, so I don't think this is the case.

    Thx, Matze
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