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    Quote from Seerah »

    You, as a user, should not care one ounce of what's inside your addons and what they are using. All you should care about is that they do what you want and that they do it well.

    For crying out loud - the way some people talk (and I'm not really directing this at you or anything, Tango2k7) it's like Ace2 was some sort of religion that's going through some sort of schism and they now need to pick a side or perish. STOP FREAKING OUT!!!! Calm down, take life as it comes, and deal with what you get. If you can't handle it, then find something else.

    I think if you substituted the word BRAND for the word RELIGION you would have a better picture of where the average END USER is coming from.

    ACE has become a BRAND to some extent and although most end users are not savvy enough to really understand the difference between framework and libraries when it come to coding, they do recognize that when their BRAND is being switched.

    I mean ... after all Coffee is Coffee right? So don't mind me as I switch you from Starbucks to some other brand, regardless of whether that brand is actually better or even has virtually the same coffee inside.

    Get the point now? You guys made a BRAND out of ACE ... and now you are going to face BRAND AWARENESS issues. You can't sweep that under the rug, and ignoring the "split" is not going to work as well.

    And FWIW ... last time I checked Linus Torvalds was in sole control of what gets added to the Linux Kernel and that OS is a phenomenal success story. Not really sure why all you programmers can't just let CKK be the Linus Torvalds of ACE. Seems he did a pretty good job getting it this far.

    Oh .. cause all of you are better programmers ... got it ... my bad.

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    Quote from maia »

    I wish we would have had a 'rock' branch on the SVN for at least one more month, instead of forcing people to a new framework (it's not like ckk doesn't know that thousands of people auto-update their addons from wowace.com daily - and 99% aren't developers, and therefor have no clue what rock is).

    This issue is not CKK's fault.

    The issue is that not only is the SVN wide open to anyone / everyone to see / download from, there are virtually no disclaimers or communications stating that files hosted at files.wowace.com are "Bleeding Edge / Developer / Beta / Use at your own risk repository.

    The answer is not to "break" the developer tools / paths ... the answer is to educate the masses.

    Case in point: A developer uses a directory off his main site to beta test all of his page changes and it is called .com/beta. The company starts to get complaints from end users that the web pages in the .com/beta are giving errors or appear to be broken ... then the company telling the developer to fix the code in .com/beta so it doesn't break anymore and they stop getting complaints.

    Irony anyone?

    How about a nice big banner on the top of files.wowace.com stating what you guys think is blatantly obvious? And on the WUA as well.

    The reality is that the OP is frustrated cause his *expectations* are incompatible with the services he is using. The job here is to not realign the services, but to realign the customer to the proper method to get *stable* add-ons.

    Make sense?

    Glad we had this talk :-)

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