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    WhisperFu was the 4th mod I ever downloaded, and I was incredibly saddened to see both it and FuBar lack updates with patch 4.0. I set out to remake the mod, but after getting my hands dirty, I found that WhisperFu was largely outdated and based on outdated libraries. The best course of action was to remake the mod from scratch, ensuring that it was compatible across multiple bar mods by using Data Broker. Thus Broker_WhisperWhisper was born!

    Broker_WhisperWhisper is designed to be a simple way to track conversations - it's not as flashy (or memory-intensive) as WIM or other similar add-ons.

    Broker_WhisperWhisper works with the following panels/addons:

    • Conversations saved between sessions
    • Customize the number of conversations to save and the # of whispers to save per conversation
    • Completely functional with Battle.net/RealID
    • Extremely simple and lightweight


    As with all of my add-ons, I absolutely love feedback. Please let me know ANY feature requests or any bugs in the comments below. You can also reach me at [email]imperativeguild@gmail.com[/email], or send me a PM!

    Hover menu:

    Right-click menu:
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    posted a message on whisperFU for broker/fortress?

    ^ mod I made. It's a new mod that basically mimics WhisperFu on the Data Broker platform.
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    I made a mod specifically to help loot councils speed up the loot process. You can find it here:

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    posted a message on Parsing Lines from Multiline EditBox
    I'm having trouble parsing lines in a MutliLine EditBox. Anyone have any recommendations here?

    I'm getting the text fine, it comes through correctly. Now I want to separate the lines. Originally I looked at \124n, but that doesn't seem to ALWAYS be the case for a new-line break, especially after repopulating a Multiline Editbox with saved values.

    Any help appreciated!
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    Quote from Phanx
    1. I'm not sure what kind of project you're working on that sends out party requests "fairly often", but it sounds questionable...

    I'm trying to make a mod that automatically invites everyone online in the guild. The issue is that when you're standing solo and initialize invites, we need a good party in order to convert. To make things go faster, the mod ideally wants to have 4 outstanding invites before converting to a raid.

    Then I want to visually display either a question mark, checkmark, or red X for their invite "status." A question mark means they haven't responded to the invite. Checkmark means they joined the party/raid. Red X means they declined the invite (automatically or manually) or they left the raid/party.

    Each time an invite is sent out, we want to listen for "ERR_INVITE_PLAYER_S" to recognize that an invite was successfully sent, and mark them with a question mark.

    If I hear back that they declined the invite (through one of a variety of chat messages), then I need to send out another invite for the party. Unfortunately, you can't send out invites through CHAT_SYSTEM_MSG events, so I need to do it in "onUpdate."

    If you send out an invite and half the guild is currently in a party or something else that would cause them to auto-decline, the mod would result to send out an invite each second until
    - SOMEONE accepts and we can convert to a raid (and send out the remaining invites)
    - We hit the end of the invite list.

    Anyways, replacing %%s with (%%S+) fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.
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    posted a message on Filtering System Messages in DEFAULT_CHAT
    I'm working on a new project that sends out party requests fairly often. I want to be able to filter out these messages so that they DON'T appear on the Default_Chat_Frame for a short period of time:
    <PlayerName> is already in a group.
    You have invited <PlayerName> to join your group.

    Any idea how to work this? Even better: any idea how to extract the player name?

    I only want to filter it for a few seconds (or, more precisely, 4 lines of the chat window).
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    "Our administrators will be reviewing your project any minute now."

    Hoping to get a response soon :-D I've just made my first add-on and I think it's very professional looking now. It should be making a pretty big impact.
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