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    thanks, it's work perfectly
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    posted a message on Need help: I need a timer!!
    Hello guys,
    I create a addon when a player write in guild chat "Hello" or "Hi" or "Ciao"..... automatically the addon write in guild chat "Hello" or "Hi bro" .... and it works perfectly.

    The problem is that the addon respond automatically to all the players who have greeting the player.
    This is the problem:

    Sohana:Hello, I'm back <--- First greet
    Kolbec: Hello <--- It's me
    charyn: Hi bro
    kolbec: Hello <--- It's me
    Raviel: Hi sohana
    Kolbec Hello <--- It's me

    I thought I put a timer (watch of wow) that after the addon greets the first player, for 10-15 seconds should not greet anyone more, but I do not know how to insert a watch of wow. Can you help me

    The code should have this structure:

    *vartime=watch world of warcraft when I logged in
    if(*watch of wow > (vartime + 15))

    Can you help me to implement the code with *?? Best regards
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