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    posted a message on CooldownCount (Ace2)
    It's not a problem with bartender.

    I use blizzard standard bars and have the problem as well.

    I'm actually glad bugsack collects those errors, so i don't really care.
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Oh well, finally a Ace2 Equipment mod found :).

    I've a small report. It's about switching weapons.

    Guess the following scenario:
    Usually, i wear a weapon in the main hand (def set, Warrior). Switching to my off set, my mainhand goes to my offhand, and i equip another mainhand with a higher end damage.

    There the problem occurs: The AddOn stops equipping weapons. It says my mainhand can not be found in my inventory, what's basically correct, since i still got it equipped.
    Then it seems as if the mod switches my mainhand. After this, my offhand (at off equip) is in bag, when i press the button a 2nd time, the item goes correctly to the offhand.

    Just a bit inconvenient to press the button twice.
    In example, ItemRack manages this, i don't know if they just call the function twice or if they correctly have an algorithm to check the main / offhand.

    Would be nice though.

    Another problem with weapon switching is that i've to select the weapons correclty, before i press add. I think it's thought this way anyway, but trying to switch a offhand item just puts the weapon to the mainhand.

    Thanks for the great mod anyway, Rabbit.

    // STi
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    posted a message on SimpleUnitFrames - some bugs
    I personally like the simple frames here.

    I'm just missing target-targets % and buffs/debuffs as well as the % of targets where the exact number is unknown (i like %)
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    posted a message on ToolTip
    TinyTip is quite too much load for things alot of players dont even want or need, since the answer i saw first wasn't even in english.

    Already made it by myself, using CC_ToolTip as base.

    // STi
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    posted a message on Request: UberQuest needs an Author!
    EQL has an error in combination with oRA_MainTankFrames.
    If you have both addons, a strange bug occurs, which always closes several windows (as your charakter window, the main menu, the raid window etc.)...

    I figured out the lines doing so, but i actually havn't had the time for a full trace on why this actually happens at all...

    i'm using the quest thing FuBar provides... quite nice though.

    // STi
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    posted a message on ToolTip
    I've tried the ACE tooltip mods.

    I'd need quite an equivalent to CC_ToolTip, but quite simpler.

    What i'd like (as a tank) is simple:
    A tooltip which:
    Changes the color if someone is pvp flagged or not (name of the one)
    Shows the Guild the player is in
    Shows the target of the target, with colored names (iE green when i am in the target, or red if someone else is. Also class colors would fit fine).

    And i dont want the list of Raid members attacking the current target, that's quite annoying and just makes a very large tooltip window which i dont want to have.

    I'm not fimilar enough with ACE to do a similar addon, using the Ace library.
    Though, i'm learning, there're plans on porting brtimer...

    Thank you,
    STiAT aka Nysira
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