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    Yeah, I really hope a GUI, or at the least, slash commands, will be built into FB2 very soon. Not many people are going to be able to use the mod without one of those interfaces as not many people know lua. As for the people that do know lua and are able to get FB2 working in it's current state....good for you, but don't be snide. Not everyone knows lua or how to add our own interface.

    I've been following the development of FB2 ever since Flexbar broke beyond repair and have deliberately avoided using another bad-mod b/c i don't want to have to learn the new commands and everything only to have to switch back to FB2 when it's completed.

    I'd also like to thank anyone and everyone that has contributed to the Flexbar2 project, I am VERY grateful for your work and hope to be using the new, improved Flexbar2 very soon. Keep up the great work.
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