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    I play a Sin Rogue and don't really need much in the way of cast bars, but I found one feature in Castbars that really helps me a great deal, and that is the 2nd movable target cast bar.

    I place it near my character and widen it quite wide to help me see things I can interrupt, and it really helps.

    I don't really need any of Castbar's other features as I use Slicecommander for rogues that covers combo points, energy, and my spell timers, i.e. slice and dice, recuperation, etc., so only have the target cast bar activated in Castbar.

    Any possiblity of a smaller Castbar version that just provides the target castbar or a command line switch to just load the target castbar portion?
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    I have been away from the game for about a year and have had to reinstall WOW and my addons from scratch.

    I can't seem to remember which addon provided this functionality:

    A display of all the ship, Zeppelin and Portal routes in the WOW universe.

    Please let me know if this rings a bell.

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