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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Hey, I've been using your addon for years so I realllyyyy would rather not have to switch to something else but I'm having an issue that may or may not be specific to monks.

    I use a group to track the debuff duration of my "Rising Sun Kick" on my current target. The problem is when I also use "Storm, Earth, and Fire". What that does is it creates up to two images of myself that attack other targets and they use the same abilities on their targets that I use on my target. Annoyingly, though, I think the addon considers all three targets as mine so I'll have up to three Rising Sun Kick debuffs tracking at once, which is a lot of clutter. It may not be a deal breaker but something to consider.

    Btw, I do have the group's target set to and self cast buffs set to whitelist.
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