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    posted a message on (ProfessionsBook Expansion?) Pet and Mount tracking for Alts

    Lastnight I found myself in a situation where I needed to know which mounts and pets my alts knew, but found myself in the embarassing position of not being able to give any intelligent response. If someone had asked me what recipes / patterns etc my characters knew I would have been fine. The same could be said of which items each character owned.

    Cutting to the chase:

    This got me thinking that there is a need for a mod that tracks what mounts pets each character has learned and presents the information in simple way. And then I thought, hey wouldn't it be great it it worked along the lines of ProfessionsBook / RecipeBook but for mounts and pets, with "Already known for <characters>" and "Can be learned by <characters>" when ever a pet or mount tooltip appears.
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    posted a message on AFX - Additional sounds for AFX 0.7
    I don't think theres been a major update of AFX for a month or so. The title of this thread "AFX 0.7 - additional sounds" might be a bit misleading in that respect so I'll change it slightly to avoid confusion. :)

    AFX basics

    AFX lets you play any of WoW's built in samples that are listed in AFX's soundlib.lua. To find a sample you type /afxs <keyword>. To play it you type /afxp <num> (each sample has a corresponding number so you don't have to type out long sample pathnames). Example:

    /afxs anub
    ; shows a list of all samples containing anub in the pathname

    /afxp 2886
    ; plays sample 2886 which without AFX would be played with
    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Anubrekhan\\ANU_NAXX_TAUNT01.wav")

    Sharing AFXplays so other players hear them

    You can also optionally choose to allow other players to hear your /afxp sample plays. Here's how I understand it:
    - They must be in the same group / raid as you.
    - They must be within inspect range.
    - Every participant should set /afx sendgroup on to toggle on sharing of your /afxp sounds to others.
    - Every participant should set /afx playgroup on to toggle on playing of other players shared /afxp sounds.
    - I'd recommend you also set /afx verbose on as this will tell you who's playing what index.
    - Group leaders with AFX can disable afx sharing with /afx quiet on so if you can't share it maybe that the leader needs to /afx quiet off
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    posted a message on AFX - Additional sounds for AFX 0.7
    Note on sendgroup sharing between AFX users

    When sharing samples across a group of raid (with /afx sendgroup on and /afx playgroup on) /afxp 1 to 9946 will behave normally, irrespective of whether the above changes have been made to the sending and recipient AFX soundlib.lua.

    However, the additional 1932 samples will only be audible on recipient versions of AFX that have the same soundlib.lua changes. In testing, unaltered soundlib.lua recipients simply do not hear /afxp 9947 and above. No other issues were noted.
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    posted a message on AFX - Additional sounds for AFX 0.7
    (I've not been able to find an official AFX thread on these forums so I'll post this here and hope others notice it)

    I've been mucking about with AFX for a couple of months now and have noticed quite a few PlaySoundFile paths missing from AFX (e.g. most of the BloodElves and Draenei samples). After a quick dig around online I found several extensive lists detailing more PlaySoundFile sample paths. After a bit of mucking about (merging, sorting, stripping duplicates, and comparing with AFX's soundlib.lua) I've managed to wittle down the lists to 1932 extra in-game samples.

    These can be added in to AFX relatively easily without adversely effecting AFX's ability to share sample plays with other AFX user. Read on for details.

    How to add extra sounds into AFX (the easy way)

    Download soundlib.zip (attached below)
    Rename the soundlib.lua in Interface\Addons\AFX to soundlib.lua.old
    Extract the soundlib.lua from soundlib.zip and place into Interface\Addons\AFX

    How to add extra sounds into AFX (the hard way)

    It is important that make the following changes as detailed. If you place the extra samples in the wrong part of soundlibs.lua you'll end up with your AFX samples playing different sounds to everyone elses for all sample indexes (which is kind of a bad thing).

    Download afxextra.zip (attached below)
    Extract afxextra.zip so you now have afxextra.txt to hand.
    Open afxextra.txt into text editor (e.g. NotePad)
    Select all and copy to clipboard.

    Open Interface\Addons\AFX\soundlib.lua into another text editor window and scroll down to the bottom which will read as:


    Move the cursor to the end of the BF_Goblins3.mp3", line and hit return twice, then paste the contents of the clipboard.
    Save changes.

    I've emailed AFX's author so s/he is aware of the extra sound paths detailed here and will hopefully add them into the next AFX release.

    Happy /afxs'ing :)
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2

    I haven't read through the entire thread (too much of it) so apologies if I'm repeating other bug reports/suggestions.

    First of all I'd like to say that I'm very impressed with jWowUpdater. It really is a great utility that saves a lot of time and effort once its set up. I'd even go so far as to say it BRILLIANT! :)

    That said there are a few bugs and niggles that might need attention at some point *grovel* *grovel* ;D

    1. Some mods (FishingBuddy EBA and UberCC on curse.com) don't download at all. The log shows "Newer version found UberCC( < em >(4)) updating.... ". I'm not sure why, but it might be a problem with the way filenames with spaces in them are handled ("UberCC 1.5.1a" and "Fishing Buddy EBA 0.9.4j"). Then again, it might not...

    2. I'm not sure if I had a weird bug here or was being a bit of a clot: I first updated with all of the options from "No externals" down to "Show Libraries on Delete UI" on. This resulted in a lot of libraries cluttering the addons folder making the Addons panel in WoW painfully long. So I decided to suffer slower initial load times and update with "No externals", "Cleanup addon folders", "Split Addons with present filelist.wau" and "Automatic embed handling on" disabled. As expected, the wowace mods with externals (copies of libs buried inside each mod\libs\) were installed. What was unexpected was that the (no externals) libraries from the previous update remained in Interface/Addons.
    Annoyingly, removing the superfluous libs from the "Delete an Addon" panel removed not only the library, but any mods that had previously depended on them. Mods manually added to jWowUpdater's update list should remain added until they are manually removed imo.

    3. "Reinstall Addons" only deletes and reinstalls wowace mods. Anything listed in the Non WowAce Addons panel seems to be omitted.

    4. Setting AtlasLoot Enhanced to download from curse rather than wowace creates an interesting situation: jwowupdater downloads atlasloot from curse and then downloads various atlasloot components from wowace, even though the curse distribution is complete.

    5. (Related to 4) I'm not 100% sure if this is intended or not, but the wowace post-download processing (no/externals etc) seems to be applied to both wowace and non-wowace mods. If unintended it might be better to download wowace mods and process them, then download non-wowace mods last.

    6. The current version I'm using (1.88) starts scanning for updates the moment JWowUpdater.jar is run. The problem with this is that if you intend to change the mod list you have to wait for an update scan to complete, make changes and then perform another update scan via the Update button. It might be better if there was no scan on startup.

    7. Some mods such as CharacterViewer and MailTo Next place several mods in a (redundant) parent folder (eg MailTo Next\MailTo\MailTo.toc. One way to ensure that this extra folder is removed from Addons folder would be to check the location of the .toc file(s) within each mod distribution and move the containing folder to interface\addons (eg. MailTo would be moved out of the MailTo Next folder).

    8a. Currently manually deleting a wowace mod from interface\addons results in jWowUpdater untagging it for update. This seems to be because jWowUpdater depends entirely on the "version-xxxxx.xxx" files stored in each wowace folder for both version tracking and marking mods for update. It might be better if all mods selected for update by the end user were recorded in jWowUpdater.conf (with non-wowace mods also recording id number and source information). This would mean that if a mod vanishes from Interface\Addons, jWowUpdater still "knows" that the end-user has tagged it for updates.

    8b. Deleting a non-wowace mod from interface\addons results in that mod not being re-downloaded until the version stored in the jWowUpdater.conf file no longer matches the version on the mod's download site. I did manage to find a workaround to this problem by manually editing the installed version to "n/a" for all Non-WowAce Addons. However, it would be better if jWowUpdater.conf didnt store version information at all. Instead it could be stored inside version.txt (as version numbers can contain all manner of characters that aren't valid in file naming conventions) within the mods folder . Then if <mod>\version.txt isn't found or contains a different version to the one on the download site the mod is downloaded.

    What I'm saying in 8a and 8b is that it would be better to keep version information with the mod files, and the user preferences, mod selection and mod location data in a config file making the whole update process less prone to external meddling.

    9. Any chance of giving us the option to add mods by url too? It'd be great if mods like mobmap and auctioneer could be updated direct from their authors site (as they tend to update on curse etc rarely if at all).

    The above aside, I think JWowUpdater is brilliant and well worth persevering with. Keep up the good work. I look forward to future versions. :)

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    posted a message on SpamSentry - Ace2 release
    How about adding the option to synchronise blocks via the modchannel? I've posted a more detailed description of what I mean over at http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=11387.0

    Great mod :)
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    posted a message on Friend list enhanced
    GuildAds groups players by alts although I'm not sure if you can manually force groupings - it may depends on everyone using the mod.

    Screenie of GuildAds
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    posted a message on Anti-Spam idea -maybe relevant to SpamMeNot and SpamSentry authors
    There's a way to almost completely eliminate false positives. I'm not just talking about the quality of filters either (which are very good - not a single false positive from SpamSentry in over 300 spam messages).

    Let's assume that the mod is in the vein of spamsentry for a second. When the mod detects a spam event it blocks the message, adding the sender to the local /ignore list. You have the option of pulling up a report panel which can be forwarded to Blizzard.

    Now lets say SpamSentry or similar does something between the player clicking the "report" button and actually sending the report - IE. It broadcasts over a mod channel to others using the mod, so that the spammer can be auto-ignored by them.

    In otherwords, only spammers who players actually bother to report get auto-ignored. Know any people who report players to blizzard without actually checking the event is bonefide spam first? No, me neither.

    There's also no reason why the mod couldn't automatically remove each /ignore 2-3 days after they are added to the local list to minimise the impact of any false positives. After all, most spammers move to another trial account or create another character from which to spam periodically.

    Why bother with all this pre-emptive blocking stuff?

    Well it's kind of simple really: Not all spammer activities can simply be filtered. Emotes seem to get through all of the current spamblockers, so do party invites from known spammers (who are about to spam if you accept the invite). I'm not sure that the LFG channel can be filtered either (SpamSentry lets them through anyway).

    However, by pre-empting spammers activity with a /ignore you block all of the spammers efforts completely. And the only way to know about a spammer before they message/emote/invite you is for other players (who have seen them spam) to forward that activity to you (preferably in an automated, silent way).
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    posted a message on Simple, but extremly usefull, small addon
    Not entirely if this will fit the bill, but you could try TimeToDie. It gives a rough estimate of how long until a mob dies. Obviously once a mob dies in your vacinity you'll be flagged as out of combat.
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    posted a message on Anti-Spam idea -maybe relevant to SpamMeNot and SpamSentry authors
    At the moment most anti-spam mods identify and block spammers at each "client". There's no collaboration between mods like SpamMeNot and SpamSentry, either with other users of the same mods or between various similar mods.

    Using a mod channel these anti-spam mods could alert other players using them to block (with a temporary /ignore) spammers before they've even tried to send them a message, emote etc.

    To stop the individuals abusing the system to block people they just don't like, each "client" anti-spam mod could be set to issue an /ignore <spammer> command only if event-reports arrive from several different sources (N events).

    To stop the mods channel becoming spammy in and of itself, only "clients" directly witnessing the spam would send info on the mod channel, and only then if N reports haven't already been circulated about that spammer on the channel recently.

    To prevent the /ignore list over-flowing, the anti-spam mods could check if the list is full, and if it is, remove the first spammer /ignored from the list, then issue an /ignore for the latest reported spammer (ie. first in, first out).

    Of course, only the "clients" that directly witness the act of spamming would have the option to report the event to blizzard, the others would just block the spammer as a preventative measure.
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    posted a message on EveryQuest
    At the moment I'm trying to use EveryQuest side-by-side with QuestHistory (as QuestHistory maintains a lot of additional info which is handy if someone asks "where do I start <insert quest>?". At the moment if EveryQuest is enabled QuestHistory fails to track quests completed. Disable EveryQuest and QuestHistory works again. Any chance this could be fixed.

    It'd be great if there was an option to display all quests uncompleted (including abandoned), or optional filters for each quest state so that the same effect can be achieved.

    Counters for the number of quests in each state (completed, abandoned etc) would be quite nice too.

    Great mod, keep up the good work. :)

    PS. Shame Blizzard doesn't give us a built in quest history panel... *mutters darkly*
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    posted a message on SpamSentry - Ace2 release
    I've started to notice a few gold sellers using /emote to advertise in major cities. Is/will SpamSentry be able to block this new advertising trend?
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Quote from Aaron »

    Don't know if its been mentioned, but chatlinks is "clink"ing stuff to trade channel, so those without Prat or chatlinks are seeing a lot of garbage and complaining about it. Works fine when I disable chatlinks via Prat though. Wasn't chatlinks meant to only work for custom channels anyway?

    Same here :(
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    Quote from Arthilis »

    I recently switched to Omen and I love it; however, I have a small problem. I can only see KTM users' therat and not Omen users' threat. If I do a /console reloadui it fixes everything and I can see everyone's threat including both the Omen and KTM users. Although this is a workaround, I'd like to have it working at all times. From the looks of it, whenever I change zones the bug comes back and I have to do another /console reloadui. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    PS, I updated the Ace2 libraries but that didn't help.

    I'm getting this too. I also tried disabling spammy mods (Dotimer-Comms etc) and still occasionally have problems with Omen in raids. Omen either shows my threat continuing to grow long after the raid is out of combat, or fails to display it entirely. Both seem to occur when I or someone else joins the raid, or if players are moved between groups. A /console reloadui usually fixes it.. until theres a group change etc. Is it me or it it mostly pet classes that are having these issue?

    I love Omen. As a warlock (multi-target dps) I find it far more useful that KTM, but only when it works. I'd love to see Omen fixed.
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    posted a message on Mendeleev Addon
    I've just started using Mendeleev 2.0.49067 instead of ReagentData+ReagentInfo.

    Is there a way to hide items known by number only from the "Used In:" part of an ingredients tooltip? E.g. Mote of Water shows "Used In: 22827, Necklace of the Deep". I'm assuming 22827 is an unknown item (although I'm not sure if its unknown to mendeleev or just not in the current item cache).

    Star Ruby is worse showing 30 item numbers and just 6 item names. Perhaps give us the option of displaying a count of those items known only by number instead eg. "Used In: Necklace of the Deep, 1 other item(s)"?

    I'm also having trouble filtering some fields from tooltips. For instance, I can't seem to disable the Found In or Component In lists. I've tried using the command line and Rock options but without success. :(

    Also, Mendeleev could do with a compact option so that instead of details being presented like:

    Found In: Hakkari Thorium Deposit
         Mithril Deposit
         Rich Thorium Deposit
         Small Thorium Deposit
         Truesilver Deposit

    It could appear (with some intelligent wordwrapping) as:

    Source: Deposits - Hakkari Thorium, Mithril,
     Rich Thorium, Small Thorium, Truesilver

    Great mod though - keep up the good work :)
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