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    Real-time Window
    The real-time windows are a precursor to the sparkline window coming in a future version. They are activated by ctrl clicking on a bar in the main window for a trackable value. Basically when you pop one up you get a 10 second real-time graph window of DPS, HPS, or TPS.

    Where in the code can i change the 10 second interval to a higher value? I already looked around but couldn't find it. Even better for my needs would be, if i could auto scale the time-axis of my realtime DPS to match the current fight length. Thanks in advance! Really great addon!

    Edit: Ok, i've found the part where i can change the static 10 second duration [GUI-Realtime.lua - line 335: "g:SetXAxis(-10, -0)"]

    How do i make it autoscale to the current fight duration, including an autoscaling of the grid spacing on the time axis?
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