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    Hi to improve my bags and one bag could be possible to add some features "borrowed" from enginventory?

    First of all the mod...


    This mod merges the bags as mybags and onebag do but it has some usefull features (in my opinion) like sorting items by quality and tipology (pots , food trade skill stuff...) and flagging the items in the invetory as new when they are added to the bags for a quick lookup

    The problem is that it doesn't work with SOM, sell value and i think with other mods that deal with items and bags...

    The other problem is that it seems to make me loose some FPS (that could be laggimonde fault, been using since the last week when the bad lag grown strong)...

    Could be possible to add The "NEW" flag and maybe some editable categories?
    Every engy would love u for life :D

    Sick of mousing over shitloads of stuff cause they look to similar to each other

    Thx in advance and sorry for my crappy english hope it make sense to u...

    GJ an all the mods
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