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    Oh I just realized that you did originally state German client. :) Yeah, I've slowly been adding translations thanks to a few generous translators. More's to come, though. This does give me an idea to where I can allow you to override translations so it defaults back to English if so chosen under Options. It's doable.
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    Quote from Zasz
    Yep, its skinner. After hovering over myself or anyone all tooltips cease to show up. The only tooltip thats working is over NPCs or players.

    This may still be StarTip. I'll take a look at Skinner sometime and see what's going on. Is it hard to setup like you have it?

    I guess the color cant be changed easily. You would have done it already. At the moment we cant have a different color nor the backround thing working. What about a different outline? Any light outline color should work. Its just a guess.

    About the target line. I edited the left line and that already did the trick. Is it neccessary to edit the right side aswell? I had no errors yet and it does exactly what I had in mind. Big thank you for that

    The color can be changed with Colorize("text", 1, 0, 1).

    Hmm as far as the Target line, it may very well look ugly if your target changes target. :) Not sure how that would work out really.
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    I'd like to just make a record that LCD4WoW was sabotaged. There were tabs in .pkgmeta, which I would never have gotten through the commit hooks. Not many people have that sort of power over the repositories. Probably just hackers, which is exactly why I want to make a record. If anyone's fooling with my projects for malicious purposes, for purposes of causing culprit errors in Wow.exe, I want to make it clear that someone's been accessing my projects. I used to use a password, but recently I switched to ssh authentication, so maybe it's over.

    If any of you were involved in this, then shame on you.
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    I wanted to note that the Gestures module got some long-due attention. You can specify a minimum length between bottomleft to topright of the gesture's bounding box. This is a huge improvement. Why I didn't think of it before I'm not sure. I think 800px is default. Hmm I'm not sure if I need to consider scale actually. Likely when dealing with a custom frame as a draw surface I suppose.

    By the way, LibMouseGestures-.1.0 powers this entire module. I take no credit, except the widget itself -- the scriptable part.

    Another great addon, which is beyond me because I can't draw a straight line, is Doodlepad. :) Both LibMouseGestures-1.0 and Doodlepad are by the talented Humbedooh. Check out his other stuff. :)

    So think of the Mouse Gestures module as a scriptable version of Doodlepad, or whatever else works conveniently. The idea is full control of the library's "recorder" object, which is pretty darn complex. A bit beyond me in fact. I'm pretty sure I added the library's documentation to the options dialog for the module. I'm not sure if it's localized though. hmm I doubt it's translated even if so. :\ I suggest kgPanels for creating custom frames. Let me know if I need to add another frames creator addon to dependencies.

    Anyways, I'm highly concerned about this last major tag (v1.4.67). I've received one chunk of feedback that wasn't exactly the best news. I'm not having any issues personally, except that the Gestures module gets enabled when opening talents dialog. >.< Let me know if anything else pops up. I'd also love to hear if anyone's __not__ experiencing bugs people report. Just that tiny bit of info could help me to debug a problem.
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    Oh, one other thing about the 'Target' line change. You'll want to make it 'Left Updating' or else you'll get the mouseover's target popping up on the right, but nothing on the left sometimes.
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    Oh, forgot something.

    I'm assuming you checked this, but make sure no errors are produced. Enable showing errors, or if you have BugSack/!BugGrabber setup, watch BugSack's display. Or if you have another error handler addon, watch that one. :)

    If that doesn't work, check (WOW_DIRECTORY)/Logs/FrameXML.log and see if StarTip's causing other errors. It shouldn't be I don't think, but never know.

    If that all looks good, then you can help by running a binary search through your addons, enabling and disabling them, to see if StarTip is in conflict with another addon that you use. I'm not able to reproduce this bug, so I can't really say what's going wrong. If you find an addon that's not getting along with StarTip, then let me know so I can check it out.

    If you're not sure how to do a binary search through your addons, do this.

    #1: Make a backup of your save file, and then delete the save file so that Wow.exe starts with a fresh config for StarTip.

    #2: Start with StarTip enabled by itself and see if the issue goes away. If it does, then StarTip and another addon's not getting along.

    #3: Leave StarTip enabled. Set half of the other addons to enabled, and the other half to disabled state. If it goes away, then disable the first half that's enabled, then enable half of the previously disabled addons. Still, leave StarTip enabled throughout.

    #4: Repeat #3 till you're down to the last addon and StarTip alone.

    It's a long process if you have a lot of addons. One thing that can help is to use Addon Control Panel (ACP). It'll let you enable and disable them a lot easier than the main options display.
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    Well, I'm about to make this a lot easier to deal with. I'm going to add DogTags support. There's a wealth of information and examples for DogTags on this forum, and also possibly on the thread at ElitJerks' website.

    The original intent of StarTip was to achieve the look-and-feel of CowTip, but without DogTags. I've changed my mind. :) I'll add support for both.

    As far as my personal design preferences go, please don't make subjective phrases like "Who in the world would have this look as it does?" They clutter up the dialogue with miscommunications. I have no idea how you want it to look, so I make it look exactly like I want it, and I give the user the full power of the Lua environment, to configure nearly all aspects of StarTip, from bars, to individual Lua scripts for colors themselves. So please, recognize your responsibility -- as the user -- to make configuration choices based on your own likes and dislikes. That is the whole purpose of StarTip.

    Now it is my job to try and make sure User preferences and configurations don't get changed or lost somehow. This is why I don't like getting too involved in configuration options, but I do have plans to take configuration options to a more professional level, and hopefully I won't toast any user configurations as a result.

    As for the foreign language stuff. Are you using an international client, or is it English (enUS)?

    To address the bugs you found, I suggest you just revert to the last "stable" release here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/startip/files/2089-v1-4-55/

    I really appreciate the feedback and bug reports. :)

    I'll look into making text larger. I tried adding a darker background to the mana line, but I'm not sure if I like the look. It looks like a blemish more than a background.

    Now to answer your question regarding the 'Target' line. Try this.

    Set the left line to this. You're replacing "None" with the "" at the end of the return line.

    return UnitName((unit or "mouseover").."target") and L["Target:"] or ""

    Right side. Just replace it with this. Again, you're replacing "None" with an empty string. Notice that you're doing so in two places: first line, and line 12.

    if not UnitExists(unit) then return lastTarget or "" end
    local r, g, b
    local unit = (unit or "mouseover") .. "target"
    if UnitIsPlayer(unit) then
        r, g, b = ClassColor(unit)
        r, g, b = UnitSelectionColor(unit)
    local name = UnitName(unit)
    local name2 = UnitName("player")
    if name == name2 and Realm(unit) == Realm("player") then name = "<<YOU>>" end
    local str = name and Colorize(name, r, g, b) or ""
    lastTarget = str
    return str

    If that doesn't do what you're asking, ask in this thread again. :) You can also look through the LuaTexts thread for hints, but be warned, StarTip's version of "LuaTexts" expects a string that's already formatted. In StarTip you format the string yourself and pass that string as a return. Again: Note that StarTip expects a single return, and it can be a string, or else a number. There's a variable named 'precision' that you can change by accessing the 'self' variable, and with it you can control how many decimal places are shown. I can't recall if there's an option for that in the config UI.
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    As of v1.4.65b, If you have BugGrabber installed, then StarTip will try to disable lines that cause errors. It won't suppress the error however, so you won't miss the stack trace.
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    While I'm tinkering with my addons, I thought I'd mention that StarTip's been setup to handle translations. All that's left are the translations themselves. If you're feeling up to it, please take a look at these two pages. Send me a PM if something doesn't make sense.


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    Somehow StarTip an Pitbull4 are not getting along. It may be a bug in Ace3, but I can't confirm this so I'm not writing a ticket just yet.

    Both addons have a Border module. If StarTip's Border module is enabled, then Pitbull4's borders won't show; plus some of Pitbull's Border options are missing, particularly the ones where you select the edge file.

    If I instead rename StarTip's Border module 'Borders' (or anything other than 'Border') this problem goes away, and I'll be committing a release with the module renamed as such for now, but I know that this is not the best solution.

    My search came up with this old Pitbull4 ticket, which was actually due to a bug in AceConfig.


    And here's StarTip's ticket for this border issue, which I'm linking primarily for the screenshots the ticket makes available. The config options aren't exactly the same in both screen captures.


    Just thought I'd mention this. I didn't feel a ticket was warranted as I don't think this is a bug in Pitbull4 at root.

    Edit: I should mention that I'm using Ace3-r1029, and StarTip's using 'latest' in .pkgmeta for all Ace3 libraries used.
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    I've done some more testing, and I'm thinking the documenter can't do what I want, and if I'm guessing correctly it's due to my directory structure being too deep..

    Here's my .docmeta.

      type: luadoc
        - "LibScriptableWidgets-1.0/LibScriptableWidgetBar-1.0/LibScriptableWidgetBar-1.0.lua"
        - "LibScriptableWidgets-1.0/LibScriptableWidgetHistogram-1.0/LibScriptableWidgetHistogram-1.0.lua"
      output-directory: API

    This is what it looks like. Notice WidgetHistogram isn't showing up.

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    Anyone care to look at this output from the documenter and possibly hinting me as to what's causing these errors? I'm thinking there's likely some problem with my documentation's syntax, but I'm not seeing it yet.

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    I've come to the conclusion that none of this is extremely useful outside a small interested selection of WoW players. My goal was to share code as much as possible, or that's the vision I had for my users. I wanted them to share code as much as I wanted to share code. I should have taken my experience in college and come up with the same conclusion many of you had from the start -- people have trouble with programming concepts, even the simple ones that are required to configure a single fontstring in Cowtip, StarTIp, Tooltip_LuaTexts, Pitbull4, or any such "scriptable" addon. And don't try to explain the difference between Pitbull4's LuaTexts implementation and StarTip's to some users. It'll go in one ear and out the other in many cases. All the user wants are results. Many aren't looking to learn anything at all. They just want a tooltip line to hide when there's nothing interesting to show. Just simple things...But that's why I wrote StarTip, so you didn't have to write a whole new tooltip addon just so you can have that line hide when you want it to.

    StarTip would not exist if it weren't for ckknight's work on CowTip. It would not be as clean as it is if it weren't for Shefki's LuaTexts. I'd probably still be coloring fontstrings directly if it weren't for Tooltip_LuaTexts. It would be a nightmare to package if it weren't for tools offered by Wowace and Curseforge. I took full advantage of many people in developing these addons. I accomplished very little in terms of engineering anything considerable. I can't claim ownership over any of this. I didn't come up with any of it. I simply borrowed from other sources and pieced it together how it would fit naturally, as if it were predestined to exist. These projects created themselves. I just supplied the keyboard and fingers.

    Edit: I mean really. How do you figure that when I bought an LCD a few years back -- how did that become a WoW addon? Almost everything I did as a programmer after leaving college led directly to LCD simulations in WoW. I wrote LCD software based on LCD4LInux and played around with music visualizations some before returning to WoW with the goal of defeating ICC after it was released. I wrote the abortion known as AuraAlarm, then began work on StarTip. At the time I had no idea I was going to be using LCD4Linux's design. It started when I wanted to create marquees on tooltips, and the only example I knew of came from LCD4Linux's WidgetText, so I started borrowing code. Next thing you know it I've written some hard to name library, based on the LCD software I worked on, and it just worked out so seamlessly with the WoW UI and Lua in general. I don't want to explain it. I didn't come up with it at all. It came up with itself. I had no plan from the start. I just went with it. When I first started this thread I thought the library was close to being finished. Not by a long shot. It kept growing to include everything I learned after college. Like a jigsaw puzzle someone else created for me to solve.
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    Below is a basic overview of StarTip's widgets and how you can take full control over your tooltip line by referencing the local member 'self'.

    If you want to stop a repeating widget from updating, just use

    Let's start with the Text widget. I'll leave bars and histograms for later.

    1 ) First of all, your widget has a name. Reference that with 'self.name'.
    2 ) Your widget has an error object that will print some message, paying attention to StarTip's set error verboseness. Usage: self.error:Print("Error", 2)
    3 ) Each widget has a 'value' member, but it is only used internally. Incidentally it should hold the last value returned from your repeated script.
    4 ) Your widget can have a 'prefix' and a 'postfix'
    5 ) Each widget has a 'self.color'. The default color for this widget. This is not working currently. Use Colorize() instead. This field may be removed.
    6 ) Each widget has a precision, which isn't actually working at the moment. But you should be able to modify how many digits are shown in numeric returns.
    7 ) Each widget has an 'align' member, which can be changed by using
    WidgetText.ALIGN_LEFT, WidgetText.ALIGN_CENTER, WidgetText.ALIGN_RIGHT, WidgetText.ALIGN_MARQUEE, WidgetText.ALIGN_AUTOMATIC, WidgetText.ALIGN_PINGPONG = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    self.align = WidgetText.ALIGN_LEFT // WidgetText  is available within the script environment.

    8 ) Each widget has an 'update' member which is used to adjust how fast the widget updates. Note that setting this value to 0 will stop the timer all together. This should be in milliseconds.
    9 ) Each widget has a 'repeating' member. If false then self:Update() will only be called once after self:Start() is called internally.
    10 ) Each widget has a 'speed' member. This value is used to determine how fast marquee text will scroll. Note that setting this value to 0 will stop the timer all together. This should be in milliseconds.
    11 ) Each widget has a 'direction' member. Which indicates whether to scroll left or right.
    WidgetText.SCROLL_RIGHT, WidgetText.SCROLL_LEFT = 1, 2
    self.direction = WidgetText.SCROLL_RIGHT

    12 ) Each widget has a 'cols' member, indicating how many character cells wide the marquee text should be.
    13 ) Each widget has a 'dontRtrim' member, indicating whether to trim whitespace to the right of the resulting text or not.

    Note that when using marquee features, self.cols must be > strlen(self.value) -- 'self.value' being what you're returning inside your script. Ignoring this will cause you problems, especially if you're embedding color codes with Colorize().
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    I'm taking a break from Wow. That means LS is on hold till I find interest in the game again. I'll keep the account open to fix bugs and when I feel like coding something, if that happens. I just need to quit playing games for now. LS is still in experimental stage. Play with it if you want. I fail at documentation, so there's sparse. And then there's the autodocs issue I could never resolve. As far as examples go, There are plenty of them in StarTip, StarVisuals, and LCD4WoW. The marquees work sort of, but they barf on long strings. That may be something I'll fix in my spare time.

    I created a more detailed description of WidgetText here if it helps in any way.

    Edit: And I wouldn't argue if someone would suddenly rename this thread to LibScriptable-1.0. :D
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