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    Quote from Neebler »

    Animating frames is done in very few addons, however all of them that have done it are very well known (SCT, Sprocket, SlectionRing). To make an addon that would essentially animate any frame would be crazy cool.

    Theirs also another thread discussing this idea, but it's an old thread, and much more broad in the description: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1952.0

    Excellent idea, I'd like to see something like this.

    CT_Core has a cool sliding options frame, as does Natur EnemyCastBars
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    Howdy all -

    LOVE WhisperFu :) One thing though, I was trying to get it so it would not show the default text 'WhisperFu' in the absence of any actual whispers (sort of mimicing like it's hidden until a whisper comes in, then the whisperer's name would show up).

    I thought this would be a simple modification, but whatever I delete/modify in the original LUA doesn't seem to have any effect. Anyone know how I could accomplish this?
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    Quote from MichaelAB »

    Is there any place where people have put together "pre-filled" bars or where people discuss how they have set their bars up?

    I'm really bummed to hear that Sprocket might have difficulties with TBC, since I just found it yesterday and really, realy love it :D

    Anyway, this is what I set up for my mage in about 10 minutes - this AddOn is awesome! This gives me access to almost 50 abilities from a single minimap icon and a four-button mouse.

    Arcane Intellect
    Arcane Brilliance
    Mage Armor
    Ice Armor
    Dampen Magic
    Amplify Magic
    Fire Ward
    Frost Ward

    RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (Miscellaneous)
    Detect Magic
    Remove Lesser Curse
    Slow Fall
    Cold Snap
    "Conjured Items" - SUBMENU:
    -- Conjure Food
    -- Conjured Sweet Roll
    -- Conjure Water
    -- Conjured Crystal Water
    -- Conjure Mana Ruby
    -- Conjured Mana Ruby
    -- Conjure Mana Citrine
    -- Conjured Mana Citrine
    "Travel" - SUBMENU:
    -- Teleport: Orgrimmar
    -- Teleport: Thunder Bluff
    -- Teleport: Undercity
    -- Portal: Orgrimmar
    -- Portal: Thunder Bluff
    -- Portal: Undercity
    -- Hearthstone
    -- Purple Skeletal Horse

    MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON (Professions/Skills)
    First Aid
    Basic Campfire
    Big Iron Fishing Pole
    Aquadynamic Fish Attractor

    Major Healing Potion
    Major Mana Potion
    Purification Potion
    Powerful Anti-venom
    Wizard Oil
    Heavy Runecloth Bandages
    Monster Omelet
    Savory Deviate Delight

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