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    posted a message on GridStatusHots -> Shows your HoT(s) remaing time and total HoTs
    been getting the following two errors. It shows nothing on my grid...if i cast rejuv it won't show the corner icon or anything.

    2008/02/20 07:12:11-1292-x53]: GridStatusHots-2.3a\GridStatusHots.lua:578: attempt to compare nil with number

    008/02/20 07:14:44-1292-x14]: GridStatusHots-2.3a\GridStatusHots.lua:593: attempt to compare nil with number

    I've been running the WoWaceupdater to grab the latest versions.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    so i don't normally ask for anything but i felt its time to throw out a suggestion of mine.

    so i finally made the switch to the beta version (from the old god like june version or something) and after getting it all set up finally have found one thing that annoys me the most. the trinket menu buttons. I raid and when i raid there are fights i need to go from say my healing trinket #1 to my pvp trinket. i can switch just fine the annoying thing is the icon doesn't switch to the pvp and instead keeps displaying the healing trinket #1 icon. normally its not a biggie but doing Hyjal and a few other times where i switch trinkets and don't have time to do the whole "rearrange on use" method of making it the icon. long post just to ask if it is at all possible for the trinket slots to update on equip or some how display the currently equipped trinkets as the main icon (like trinketmenu does?)

    also the cenerian warmount thingy (new mount from CE in 2.3) isnt showing up.
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