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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    Quote from fsfod
    mod.filterFunc = function(arg1, ...)
      if not arg1 then return false, arg1, ... end
      for i, v in ipairs(patterns) do
       arg1 = gsub(arg1, v.pattern, v.matchfunc)
      for k,v in pairs(matchTable) do
       arg1 = gsub(arg1, k, v)
       matchTable[k] = nil
      return false, arg1, ...

    Yes, that fix does the job right.
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    There are problems as well, if a hunter pet has the same name as a player. The HP Bar switchs all the time between pet and player (really irritating as a healer) and when targeted you get one of the too, totally random.
    A fix for that would be really great.
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    Quote from solor
    10:24:57.449 Thread #5: Download Link for GridStatusMissingBuffs incorrect

    That happens when your wowace credentials aren't correct.
    After some testing it seems like your password mustn't contain any special characters as well (stuff like !"§$%&/()=?)
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    Quote from Roemer

    @UFl2k: I need some more Information about the crashes you have (error Message, Screenshot, What you did etc.).
    Also double check your curse/wowace Credentials! I don't detect (by now) if they are correct or not. If they aren't you just see the "Download Link incorrect" in the Log.

    Looks like iU doesn't like special characters like §$%&/() in the password. Changed it and now he gets the download links for wowace as well.

    However, crashes still happen right after iU finished downloading:

    Screenshot of iU:

    Screenshot of the error message:

    Visual Studio Debugger says:

    UAC is disabled, so thats not the problem.
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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    I'm having some problems/crashes on my end.

    Checking for Updates works for all Sites/Addons.

    Updating from WoWAce results in "Download link for <Addon> incorrect".
    Updating from Curse/Wowinterface results in iU crashing.

    Curse/WoWAce Credentials are set.

    Using Vista Ultimate x64
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    Quote from Elarenda »

    Disable the Wait for Group Members option thingy. Then it'll do single target buffs, at least it did for me.

    I guess this can be considered a bug right?
    Should be something like:
    Wait for Group if players needing the buff in that group > what you set it to,
    meaning if the addon wants to cast the group buff.
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