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    Quote from Supasjgokuu »

    Nurfed Pitbull

    I can also post the Party Targets and Pets if anyone wants them, but they are pretty simple.

    Also used eePanels in making these frames.

    Can you post the party targets and party pet frames?
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    I've been trying to pick a unit frame mod to use. I used to be a big fan of duf, and was hoping to find something along those lines.

    Pitbull is definitely the most configurable and feature filled unit frame mod out there. But the thing it lacks makes it virtually unusable by anyone who isn't looking to spend hours creating their own custom unitframes.

    The import layout feature, on first looks, appears to be a nice feature. Until you actually go to use it, that is. Imported layouts are not saved, and rarely do they actually work the way they were intended, because there are key factors of the layout that are not able to be included in the shared code (art work, which modules need to be activated, etc). I've yet had even a single imported layout I've looked at come out anywhere near like the visual the poster included in their post.

    DUF had a nice way of dealing with that. You could unzip a downloaded file into a subdirectory of the duf addon folder, and then import it in that way. It would be semi-permanently imported, and available to any character. Included were fonts, detailed layout configuration, any required artwork or textures, etc. This also enabled the creation of a rather nice gallery where user created examples could be shared and downloaded.

    Don't get me wrong, the layout import feature is nice, but for the average guy, it just does not work as intended, and has already sent me back to AUF, for no other reason then that AUF includes a number of built in layouts to pick from, that do not require me spending hours to get them working.

    Is there any chance of us seeing a feature such as the one I mention above that DUF had for downloading and importing a full layout set? And for imported layouts to be "saved" so we don't have to go looking for them if we want to try to work with a given layout again later?

    I see a layout folder already exists (but only appears to include a single .lua file for each layout, and I don't see those layouts when I go to import a layout).
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