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    I am trying to figure out how to add a custom debuff bar.. I am not doing it right because it is not showing up.

    starting small I want a Rupture timer/bar whatever to show how much time is left on my target.. and optionally if it is not on my target have it show a warning text to cast it.

    So I have my Target I cast Rupture
    Track the time left of Rupture on the target
    If Rupture is not on the target have it either just display the Rupture icon or some text "ie Cast Rupture" also optionally have it highlight when Rupter can be cast (have enough energy)

    What I did was create a new bar called

    Changed the bar type to
    Multi-Spell Timer

    I tried both Player and Target

    Hide castbar / nothing changed [tried enable whiltelist]
    under black-whitelist spells or timer I have

    nothing is showing up in the bar.. what am I doing wrong?
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