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    i dunno if this was asked but i really cant read 26 pages to find out :(
    i found couple of answers about the righ click thing but i wanna know about changing some stuff in a chosen layout.

    for example, if i want the name to appear on the top middle or something and i choose that, the location of the name does not change! same goes for over text things.

    is it that when i choose a layout i cant change its elements?
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    posted a message on Notes and instance coordinates always shifted?
    if i make a not at 46.64, in the map it goes like 42.62 for example! the notes i make are always shifted! close to the real coord but shifted and the instance notes such boos location are the same way!
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    posted a message on Plz Someone answer! Druid Bar
    Quote from Phanx »

    While I'm sure it would be nice to have a druid mana tracker built into agUF or whatever other unit frame you use, it's been asked for many times and has never gotten a response from anyone who actually works on agUF/<insert unit frame mod here>.

    And really, is there something so horribly wrong with using a standalone addon to provide a class-specific function? Just use the one you linked in your own post. It doesn't have to used Ace2. If it works for you, it's fine.

    Another option, which is what I use on my druid, is SimpleDruidBar:

    Well using stand alone mods is just fine! but when i start having bugs like now its annoying like hell!
    if it can be done then why not?
    a simple request and a simple answer! Yes or No!
    and i do agree with grita!
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    posted a message on Plz Someone answer! Druid Bar
    I made a request before, but no one bothered to answer!

    there's a addon thats called Druid Bar! it show mana when a druid is shapeshifted to cat and bear! can this addon be integrated to aguf??

    Or even if we can have an ace similar add-on?

    here's the mod link! http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/129/druid-bar/

    if this cant be done can some one tell me why plz?
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    i totally love aguf, but one thing i miss is the integrated bruid bar. as soon as i shift into cat or bear, the mana bar appears in the uf, can this be applied to aguf?? woulf be great if so.
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