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    hi all

    i'm using this fantastic addon but i can't do 1 thing that i do with eepanels2

    i have a panel that appear when i enter in party or raid with this script...

    -- Hide the panel so it's not shown until we want it to
    -- Change our panel's visibility when in/out of a raid
    function eePanels2:RaidPanelVisibility(self, event, ...)
    	-- If we're in a raid
    	if GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 or GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 then
    		-- Show the panel this script is attached to
    	-- If we're not in a raid
        	-- Hide the panel this script is attached to
    -- Ace2 event listeners; can't do this in more than one script
    eePanels2:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD", eePanels2.RaidPanelVisibility)
    eePanels2:RegisterEvent("PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED", eePanels2.RaidPanelVisibility)
    eePanels2:RegisterEvent("RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE", eePanels2.RaidPanelVisibility)

    can u transform for kgpanels?

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