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    I've written a patch that gives AceDB the ability to associate profiles with specs, and change profile when you change spec. I think this would be a really useful feature to include in the core addon so that all Ace mods can benefit. What do you think?

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    One of the common requests I had for an addon I'm working on was to have it so that it changes profile when the user switches talent specs. So I wrote a small patch to AceDB that made it save profiles based on spec and switch profiles when you change spec (in a sane backwards compatible manner).

    You can see the ticket here:

    It's been rejected since a) you could do this in a standalone addon, and b) AceDB doesn't want to wrest control of profile switching. Both of these are very valid points. However I think this feature would be incredibly useful across many addons and has very few downsides. So I'd like to present my case for it, and open up debate to the community:

    Firstly the reason why users want this is because many mods only make sense with a particular spec. Certainly all actionbar addons fit into this category. Blizzard by default switches bars when the user changes spec. Also unit frames often need different configs (e.g. healer vs dps). Even addons you think might not need this feature could benefit e.g. switch off quest / bag mods when you're in pvp spec.

    Of course every addon author could implement this feature in their own addons. This is obviously an inefficient use of developer time and would lead to many different implementations inevitably causing a bad experience for users. Another options would be to implement an AceSwitcher standalone addon. This would work but requires users to download and configure *another* addon.

    However the whole raison d'etre of a library like Ace is that it takes common functionality and implements it in a central place! This is why developers like myself like to use Ace.

    I understand the point about not wanting AceDB to automatically switch profiles. However AceDB already automatically switches profiles based on the character, is automatically switching profiles based on spec any different? Ultimately this is always going to come down to personal taste, so the obvious thing here would be to add an option to enable / disable this behaviour.

    So what do people think? I've run it past a few guild members and the more they think about it the more they like the idea. I'd be interested in more thoughts, and (@Ace developers) if enough people like it could you reconsider adding this Ace?

    Thanks for your time,
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