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    Quote from jeff_chiyu
    Hi Jncl,
    I found a very strange bug in skinner using the viewport
    captured it in fraps and posted it up so you can view it for yourself

    Only affects the picture when facing south or southeast/west.. when your camera turns north everything is fine, very odd.
    If you need me to do anymore testing just ask as I'd rather use the viewport than not.

    I am having the exact same problem as is demonstrated in that youtube video.

    I've tried disabling all mods exept skinner and have the problem, when I enable all mods except skinner I do not.

    As the above poster notes, it only happens when I'm facing South or Southwest. And it only seems to affect me in Uldum (I have not checked for it in throne of the tides however, its been a looong time since i've ran that instance). It most strongly affects the water textures of the lake south of Ramkahen, but it also makes a lot of other minor graphical effects appear about 1 yard below where they should be. Some examples, the power surge weapon enchant, the glow will appear about a yard below my weapon when facing south/southwest in ulduum with skinner running. Similar thing happens to the light effects on Mimiron's head, or the glows of various other mounts.
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