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    I tried the search feature but did not see how to limit the search to this thread, so sorry if I am repeating another suggestion.

    There are suggestions of bulk delivery - is there one for sending an email to all of the members of your guild? Lots of people don't bother with the GMOTD or the calendar.

    Additionally, you might want to restrict the distribution by criteria:

    * Only Level X - Y: Daily raid, PvP events, etc.
    * By class ("need help gearing up a pally")
    * By race ("naked gnome race this weekend")
    * By prof ("need stuff DE'd")
    * By guild rank ("'raiders', 'officer', etc.)

    Naturally, this could get to be quite annoying, particularly in a large "enthusiastic" guild
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    I would like to be able to link a recipe/pattern/etc. for a profession (alchemy, JC, etc.) into an email.

    * I need to make a <thing>, so I link (paste contents of) a recipe/etc. into an email that I send to my bankertoon.

    * Guildy asks me to make a potion and will provide whatever mats - I send an email containing the mats which were linked from the recipe, Guildy replies with the mats attached.

    I don't know that this is a task for "Postal" or for the UI itself, but it would sure be handy. Also be handy to link into chat, but that is out of scope here.
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