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    You can register the onUpdate Event via RegisterEventHandler( SystemData.Events.UPDATE_PROCESSED, "myFunc" ) only if you do it that way you can later call UnregisterEventHandler( SystemData.Events.UPDATE_PROCESSED ) to discard the event handler.
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    One functionality that was taken from addon was the targeting from a script. Now you must execute a slash command /target playername or use a useraction(clicking something or using the appropiate hotkey) to target someone. The slashcommand works horrible, since it doesn't return anything and it has a significant delay - so its most unlikely that you find a addon that keeps targeting in realtime. Pressing a button or key however is no problem. But only on your target which means to get the damsel in distress you would have to switch through all targets and then update their health which takes way too long.

    The target next friendly could be helpful if you only switch through targets until you found one with less than a certain percentage of health. Since your attacks heal everything you can target with that, but there is no event that addons could utilize to fire this functionality.

    My advise for you is to stick with healing your warband. There you have the health from all members at hand and you can implement method like target the one with lowest health etc. quite easy. If you want to check range or LOS then you can do that only with the target you already have, which means targeting the lowest health member might not work very well in the end.

    As a healer that applies hots etc. you should stick with squared or the original warband window.

    If you want to do a real melee healer you don't have to worry about range or los since you pretty much heal whatever you can target. So the functionality you are looking for would alter the action of your attack buttons to a targeting action if your defensive target has full health and then search for a target inside your warband, that does not have full health and that can be targeted(if the choosen player can not be targeted you have to disqualify him/her for a certain period of time so you don't get stuck on the same player). Each target attemp would be a click so you end up button smashing in fights. I don't think there is a good solution but this one would at least work.
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