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    Quote from Cyntil8ing
    Anyone know how to update Deadly Boss Mods (aka DBM) via the DBM site? I know i can update it via WOWI or Curse, but i'd prefer to do it through the DBM site. Thanks for any help in advance.

    I made some tries with the Othersite-Option, but it doesn't work currently.

    Problem with the DBM site and WUU is:
    - The file extension is not displayed on the download page
    - WUU must read the extension from the website

    Or is there a way to simply type in the extension for the field "Addon Extension regexp" in the Othersite-Configuration?

    My attempt so far was:

    Friendly Name: DBM-Core
    Source Site: OtherSite
    Site ID: http://www.deadlybossmods.com/download

    Addon Version regexp:
    Addon Extension regexp: <can't get that to work>

    Download Name Expression: %(site)s.php?id=1
    Addon Information Page: s.php

    Perhaps there's a simple solution to that.
    Anybody can help out?
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    Quote from CrookfingerJake
    Perhaps, but I'm honestly not interested in beta testing for them, I simply want the release version. Maybe this is picking nits but it confuses me why a release version exists if they don't want people using it, this would be the literary foil of the whole wowace->curse event, forcing people to use untested software.

    Alas, I have digressed, is there no way to pull the release version?

    Perhaps a bit late, but I use this OtherSite Definition to get the release Version from Auctioneer

    Auctioneer Release Version (actually first version from AuctioneerPage):

    Friendly Name: AuctioneerSuite
    Source Site: OtherSite
    Site ID:

    Addon Version regexp

    Addon Extension regexp:

    Download Name Expression:

    Checkboxes all unchecked
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