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    Quote from sonomus
    Yes, I hope to have them updated before wow 3.1 hits.

    That's very exciting, let us know if you need help testing anything or working something out.
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    As for the argument about showing stats on your screen instead of popping open the character screen to check them: I play a BM hunter and I like to have my attack speed displayed even though I use MSBT to notify me of buffs. I just like to see exactly what my speed is because it fluctuates so much and between all the buffs I get I need to know if popping rapid fire or berserking will put me below the 1.5s threshold. For this I use a mod called speedometer just a simple display of what the speed is.
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    Quote from haste »

    I plan on adding that as a possible flag, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    I just started working on my own layout, stayed up til 4 AM last night cause I kept coming up with new ideas and wanted to test them out, and I was trying to implement a filter to show my castable buffs on my focus target and couldn't get it to work. After going back through this thread today I see why. Any news on when this might be implemented or has anyone found a way to do it yet?

    My main is a hunter and the main purpose of this would be so I can see when my focus has misdirect.

    I've also had an issue where debuffs will show up when I am on my main but not for my alts, I couldn't figure this out for the life of me. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Any info would be great, thanks.

    Edit: After thinking a bit the debuff thing is probably caused by a conflict with some addon I use only for leveling, I'll have to look into that tonight when I get home.
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    Quote from SpUpUz »

    pet support and target of target support?

    Check out the config mode SS, it shows pet and ToT.

    I'm excited to get off work so I can check this out, I've been looking for a HUD that handled Focus and Focus Target as well as all the rest for a while.

    Looks great from SSs so far Anadale
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