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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I won't post the files I have just because it's older than the most recent releases.
    I will however list the changes I made to make it work.
    This dosen't fix the missing class spells and abilities, as I don't really know how to do it (I can do basic editing of lua files and nothing more).
    Open each in notepad, and press "CTRL + G" then type in the line number you wanna go to.

    AutoBarSearch.lua, line 39
    AutoBarSearch.subZoneGroup[BZ["Vortex Pinnacle"]] = "BE Plateaus"

    Replace "Vortex Pinnacle" with "The Vortex Pinnacle"

    AutoBarButton.lua, lines 1390 & 1391
    spellNameList["Mangle (Cat)()"], _, spellIconList["Mangle (Cat)()"] = GetSpellInfo(33983)
    spellNameList["Mangle (Cat)()"] = spellNameList["Mangle (Cat)()"] .. "()"

    I just commented each line out, but deleting them should give the same result.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    It's working fine for me.
    Just need to add in all the new/altered class skills and remove spell ranks.
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    posted a message on Quest tracker + Lightheaded (appearance)
    I've been using nQuestLog ever since it became avalible, and it's clearly my favorite quest tracker. TomQuest, Questfu, Monkeyquest, Carbonite's tracker and even Blizzard's quest tracker are either clunky or ugly looking in some way or another.

    Presently, nQuestLog is on its last leg, barely working thanks to some quick hacks posted on the project page thats avalible here, but come wow 4.0, it's going to be dead.

    Now, I'm not looking for alternatives (as I listed most already), but I'm looking for an addon that changes the appearance of Lightheaded.
    Here's two screenshots to show what I'm hoping to find...

    Heres Lighdead with the Blizzard quest log open. Lightheaded looks pretty ugly, pages for each comment and the wowhead icon. I don't really care for the search bar, since if i'm searching for a quest i'll just search for it at wowhead's site.

    And now, here's Lighthdead with nQuestLog's quest info panel open. Notice how much nicer Lighthdeaded looks? Comments get nested as well, helps figuring out who comments on what. Only lost functionality between this more compact and streamlined frame and the original Lighthdeaded frame is the search bar and wowhead icon link. You can still skip through quest chains and read comments related.

    I'd be happy if anyone knows of a way to get Lightheaded to look like it does when it's accessed from nQuestLog.
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    posted a message on Why would icons vanish or be a different icon on login?
    I would get this whenever I would alt-tab out during the initial loading screen. just do a /rl and it should go back to normal.

    If it still dosent, then you got some messed up wow files.
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    posted a message on nQuestLog
    Try using Fyrye's build then edit in Myrath's suggested quick fix.
    You shouldn't have any problems then.

    If your still having problems, please read the comments at the files page here on wowace. You'll end up using the above link, edit in another change or two in the .lua files, and THEN myrath's quickfix and then you'll be set.

    I just can't remember if Fyrye's build included all of the fixes he posted or not.
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    posted a message on nQuestLog
    Thought I'd just foward the quickfix myrathi2 posted in the nQuestLog project comments here.

    Quote from "myrathi2" »

    Ok. Quick-fix that seems to work across a couple of similar quests (on different alts) is a modification to only Quixote, treating a 'log' leaderboard entry just like an 'event' one: it has a 'textual requirement' and is either completed or not.

    This is, as far as I can tell, identical to how Blizzard's own code seems to treat it, as they simply append " (Complete)" to the text in the default quest description panel if the finished variable equates to true.

    The hack works fine for me, anyway, so I hope it fixes the issue for others, also.

    Let me know if there are any problems (other than having multiple addons that embed a Quixote-1.0 lib :P)...

    File: /nQuestLog/libs/Quixote-1.0/Quixote-1.0.lua
    Line: ~329

    elseif qtype == 'event' then

    elseif qtype == 'event' or qtype == 'log' then
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    posted a message on nQuestLog
    I only seem to get errors with nQuestLog on quests without objectives, such as "go in here and then talk to me". And it seems to break anything else in the same Zone header until its removed.

    Unfortunetly, TomQuest2 seems to be the best alternative for me as well.

    I do hope to see nQuestLog updated someday, as I find it to be the most astheticly pleasing addon for its purposes.
    And I love how Lightheaded is displayed with it, and seeing it any other way gives me a headache.
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    The previous Bartenders could do this, and the current does (until I get to a loading screen) by increasing the number of shown buttons, putting the skill there, then decreasing the buttons to 'hide' the skill(s) placed. It just gets unbound/referenced/called-by-the-ui/whatever when you go to a loading screen.

    Unfortunetly, I can't do what you sujest--used to do that with discord way back in the day.
    3 bars, each one is paged for stances. thats 9 bars, then theres the side bar for my clickable stuff (shouts, resurections, AoE taunt/fears, other misc things) thats all 10 bars being used. The only free buttons I have are the hidden ones on the first three bars.

    It's really hard to find skillslots for my druid (normal, bear, cat, cat-prowl, moonkin/tree--atleast 13 bars if I had them maped out how I wanted, 10 doable for me as Feral)

    Oh well, TY for the reply.

    @everyone else: TY for the mods for helping stubborn people like me since beta :)
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic

    I'm a returning wow player, and have a question about Bartender4.
    Previous incarnations of Bartender have all done this but 4 is flakey.

    I setup my bars to look like my layout on my keyboard (MERC Ideazon keyboard)

    Bar 1: 6 buttons
    Bar 2: 5 bittons
    Bar 3: 6 buttons, 2x3 rectangle layout
    Bar 10: 12 buttons, used as a vertical side bar.
    all other bars are set to stances/druid forms.

    I have a few keys mapped to 'hidden' buttons, like Bar 2: buttons 5, 6, & 7 (warrior 30 minute abilities for example)

    In previous versions of Bartender, I could log off/on or /reloadui and still beable to press the 'hidden' keys via binding.
    This is not the case with Bartender4 (only works once per 'loading' screen)

    Is this no longer possible?

    Yes, I could just use a full 11 button bar instead of two sepperate bars, but I'm so used to how my keys are setup that it would throw me off looking in other places for cooldowns (I'm a visual person).

    Side question: if the above is no longer possible, would it be possible to have a 'two row, 5 on top 6 on bottom, with the top row horizontally centered on top of the 6 button row?'
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