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    posted a message on FuBar_GearRating official thread
    Thanks a lot for your message, and your work here :D
    I appreciate your thoughts very much on how you try to make this more comfortable for us end-users.

    As you already found, I would also recommend a static penalty database. Maybe you find some "exact" calculation on the resilience / item lvl issue and use this input for the DB.

    Also, I'm looking forward to the 'PvE'-Mode, seems to make sense and is still keeping the Addon compact ;)

    Concerning my posting in the 'Addon Idea Forum': I just asked for something that fulfills most of the functions I was looking for, and wanted to know if those, you mentioned above, are not possible (like GearRating on range, hostility, etc)

    In the end this is just what I needed: compact and short overview, a simple number, perfect to compare.
    Thanks again.
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    posted a message on FuBar_GearRating official thread
    Aah great!
    Thanks for this!
    Was one of the things I asked for in Addon Ideas Forum :D
    Gonna test tonight ;)
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    posted a message on Overall Item Value
    Thats just what I was looking for, great, thanks :D
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    posted a message on FuBar add-on for InventoryonPar

    As far as I read, this mod is already supporting FuBar ;)
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    posted a message on Overall Item Value
    Sounds great for me to start with :D
    Could you do that for real?

    Concerning the gems/enchants... as far as I know, gems do have item level like any other... not sure if they are still accessible when socketed into your equip...
    but maybe a workaround could do, also for enchants:
    they all do have certain names which are unique for this gem/enchant... shouldnt it be possible to "read" this name out of your finalized equip item and apply it a level?

    e.g. "Executioner" equals a level of 110, the gem "Solid Star of Elune" equals a level of 70...

    Would that be doable? To just create a little FuBar plugin, (like durability) like you suggested, for your own "Overall Item Value".
    Then you would be able to compare values manually, thats the first stage ;D
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    posted a message on Overall Item Value
    Hello Community!

    For some time now, I came to think of a way of comparing the equipment of different players by their overall (or summed) values.
    Wouldn't this be possible easily?
    Like, there's RatingBuster out there, and what about just summing up all the ItemLvls of your equip parts to just have a simple number to compare?
    There are this much addons that give class specific values for how good your dealing dmg with this specific item.

    How about we have an addon, that calculates, depending on class/talents, using the most valuable stats, gems, enchants, applies a factor depending on equip level, and calculates a value that you can place on a ranked list out of it? Like you could use it afterwards like "from 500-600 points, equals a rank 8 of 10"

    Just calculate your own equip, share the value manually.
    Synchronize via the guild comm channel (or other possibilites?).
    Calculate it for yourself by just examining the other (target) player.
    Update on mouse over, caching, etc.

    Maybe it would be further on possible to place a value like this into a tooltip (I would like to use it that way) to quickly classify the difficulty of an enemy player in Arena, for example.
    Is it possible to access data of Blizzard's Arsenal ingame?

    If there's something out there already that works like I asked for here, please tell me so I can try and use it :D

    Hope you could follow and clearly get what I meant.
    Please don't judge me if not, for my bad english, for I am german ^^'

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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    Issue with LocationBar, won't hide
    Might be a problem when using also LocationFu?
    gonna test...
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    posted a message on EnhancedStackSplit
    dropped ArcInventory because of missing this functionality somewhere...
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    posted a message on WowAce's Packagemancer and http://files.wowace.com/
    the new layout is dumb, if your looking for a specific addon its click-working through the pages -.-
    at least make it sort by alphabet, or option for showing all at once in a list like before -.-
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    posted a message on Hourglass - A lightweight oCD/CooldownTimers2 improved remake.
    Hourglass won't register my skills (had the same problem with CDT2)
    ItemCDs working fine

    what to do?
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    posted a message on CooldownTimers 2.0
    here I go again...

    I tried CDT2 several times now, and every time I end up with...

    ItemCooldowns working
    SkillCooldowns NOT working, on all 9 classes

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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    Awesome Mod!!!

    Feature I would like to see:
    Layout for Buffs/Debuffs (rows, columns), or max Buffs shown per row option?

    THX! Keep it on! ^^
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    lag still there...
    not in combat, but on every change in your inventory
    for half a second
    this didnt happen till last patch I think...
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    posted a message on Arena Battle statistics / Enemy recognizer
    Am starting to code myself now, but am not that skilled...
    Please if someone got too much time to spend on coding cool addons N stuff... we need it here xD
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    posted a message on Arena Battle statistics / Enemy recognizer
    Today I came along with some, not new, idea that is, hopefully, useful for more than just me ^^

    So, in the first place I'm wanting a mod to:

    #) Identify your enemies in Arenas, every informativ bit at a time possible.
    E.g.: Your starting your Arena Battle 2on2, and instantly gain information on what 2 classes you are fighting (at least, am not sure if possible that early) while your still preparing.
    #) Show this information in a popup window!
    #) Update information on gain, that means finally there should be:
    -- *Name* *Guild* *Server* *Class* *Lvl* *Race* --
    With option to configure what to show, in which order, priority, whatever.
    #) So to display on during the fight whats with your opponents, maybe even health percent, or at least death state.
    #) Targeting function? On click on the players in your list.

    And, maybe further on, I'd like to:

    #) Keep statistics on whom I fought how many times (maybe teams), wins/losses, and calculated chance to win (depending on recorded statistics, level, class combination, etc) :P
    #) Auto-recording the fight via GameCam or similar programs, and after leaving the Arena requesting on to save or delete the vid (depending on whats the outcome ^^')

    I've came up with some mods already, and the fact is: they all are not satisfying to me... Buf if anyone has a good mod to recommend... let me know ^^

    Open for discussion
    (syntax errors you may ignore, I'm not english, so leave me with that xD)

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