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    Quote from Deccard »

    Quote from Sudius »

    Officer Chat doesn't seem to auto maximize.

    Do you have "Ignore your messages" disabled?

    yes, the tell window maximizes when i send myself a tell


    What does the "Attach Chatframe" menu do when I right-click the MiniChat icon button?
    Just some preparation for attaching chat frames to each other. No functionality yet.

    <333333333 I love you

    Incoming best addon ever.
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    Deccard, I love this addon.. I fell in love with DreamChat a long time ago, but I hated having to minimize and maximize them by myself.

    Great work man, one little bug report however.

    Along the left side of my screen, I have:

    [Everything Else]

    A) any possibility of getting chat boxes to clamp together, because when they all minimize, the tab stays where it is, and it shrinks up (or down) (see DreamChat)

    B) Officer Chat doesn't seem to auto maximize. I tested this by typing in officer, then i combined tells and officer into one window (see my diagram :P) a tell would maximize but a line in officer wouldn't.

    in hind sight, i didn't try to move officer chat to the main window.

    the biggest problem with this is that it auto minimizes after 2 minutes, and never max's again.

    Thanks for the great work!!
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    Quote from dodga »

    I have two feature requests for PitBull_CombatFader

    1. Give us an option to change the alpha levels for all frames.

    2. Currently changing the alpha on a frame does not do anything until you go into combat and leave again. It would be great if the change could be reflected immediately :D

    Can I go ahead and add one more request on top of this?

    Combat fader makes for some pretty minimalist UI's, however, occasionally when I exit combat I'm not at full health.

    My dream is to have MY unit frame for my character fade to 0% when im 100% health and out of combat, same goes for the raid or my target.

    a simple checkbox to enable this simple feature would bring a lot of useage

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    using release r13867

    i get this error every time i loot somthing:

    ~~/Addons/PerfectRaid/libs/AceEvent/AceEvent-2.0.lua:907 attempt to call global `print'(a nil value)

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    sounds great, i was wondering if I could request a feature

    I always like UI's that have the chat box's transparency set to 0, but somtimes I can't read it, depending on where i am (Tanaris)
    Is there a way you could make the transparency change when a message is received in a certain box?
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