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    Quote from Jakobud »

    But about the border issue, ya, there is no border on the frames. Those are fairly thin borders anyways. These borders are rather large. Actually they are really more of large backgrounds to the unitframes rather than just borders. Still can't figure out how to get rid of em...

    This still happens to me, and I'm running out of things to try. Is there anything at all I can do to help debug this?

    I've tried:
    - Running with just pitbull enabled and no other addons
    - Clearing savedvariables
    - Clean install of pitbull

    This is using the latest version of pitbull.
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    I know people get pissy at general vague accusations about rock being unusable etc, so here's my list, which I will try to make concrete and constructive. I recognise that in most cases, the problem is with the addons themselves, but I'm posting as a user, not as a developer.

    - Many labels and buttons dont make sense. For example, 'show poobah [Okay]'. What does this do? What happens if I click okay twice, is it a toggle? This example probably isnt the worst offender, but if you look through many others you'll see wat I mean.

    - The problem above is made much worse by the fact that any frames that are shown by an addon always go behind rock config. So you usually will click on a 'show blah' option, and then nothing happens. You'll realise that something did happen only if you mouse out of rock or move it out of the way.

    - When I'm configuring a particular addon, its way too overwhelming seeing options for everything else too. For example, if I'm trying to configure pitbull (via fubar, minimap, or whatever), chances are I'm not really interested in configuring fubar too. So the rock menu on the left should contain ONLY pitbull options (ie, everything bumped up one level on the tree, with pitbull being the invisible root node). The only time I should see everything is when I click the rock config minimap button.

    - The scrollbars for long config pages are unclear, and its very easy to not notice the fact that there are many more options if you scrolldown inside the window. Again, I imagine that this means that addon authors have to think a bit more about their config layouts instead of throwing everything up in the same bag.
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    I've read through the whole thread and still can't find a definitive answer for this. As a warlock, is it possible to view timers for multiple targets? It's very common to banish one target, fear another, and dps a third. I'd like to keep an eye on the banish/fear targets to know when I need to switch back to them.
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