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    Quote from Adirelle
    - do not forget that Lifebloom also heals when it is dispelled. Even it is unpredictable, you might want to do something of it (though it can't figure what.
    While the bloom is an unpredictable (early) heal that you probably won't see coming (depending on your time band). The hot portion that is dispelled is the unpredictable (early) 'loss' of a heal that you 'did' see coming. In other words the bloom heals more (earlier) than is indicated but the dispelled hot heals less than is indicated. Which makes it overall less of a problem. I think it really depends on the situation tho if you want to display these 'possible' (early) heals. -If you are trying to conserve mana you want to know about every possible heal effect so in the case they all land you don't cast any unnecessary heals. -If you are trying to make sure your target always stays alive (or topped up) you don't want to know about heals that 'might' not land in time (or at all).
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    Quote from Shadowed
    Living Seed works a little bit differently from what you're thinking, it lasts 15 seconds but it blooms when the player is next attacked they could be attacked in 1s or in 10s or not at all which is what makes it hard to add.

    I understood the mechanics but I admit I didn't really think about the implications. I always compared it to someone casting a heal that could land any second (the moment the target is hit) and be canceled after 15 seconds.
    Technical implementation aside it is not very useful showing an incoming heal that is 'always' accompanied by a random amount of damage.
    Regardless please forgive my rambling.

    Quote from Shadowed
    I'm still playing with the code for figuring out how many times a HoT/Channel will tick in the given time band, but if you set it to 40 seconds it might be an issue in how I'm showing the total ticks when the band is outside the HoT duration, I'll look into this.

    I'm specifically interested in all the incomming heals that the lib knows about. Is simply strenching the band beyond the max hot duration, like I did the correct way or is there another way or is this generally not supported?
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    Quote from Shadowed
    The only trinket I can think of offhand that uses a HoT and would be used is Forethought Talisman, since it requires slightly different handling compared to normal hots (even the merged ones like Regrowth/Scared Shield + FOL) it's one of those "Maybe later, but not really a priority." At a certain point I don't want to be sending an absurd amount of data, nor do I want to bloat this since a lot of the code are things that are run often, supporting a single item that is a special case in both usage and handling isn't something I'm fond of doing.

    Being relatively new to healing in wow I didn't stop to think this item is such a rare occurrence as it is. I've got to admit to being rather naive to this and the lib's inner workings as I'd imagined it just being another spell_id you could add to the generic hot list that would be monitored. :-[

    Quote from Shadowed
    I'm not familiar with Seed of Life, do you mean Living Seed? if you do, Living Seed wouldn't be supported since it's an on next attack thing not a direct absorb.

    Yes, again I'm sorry, I do get this talent name wrong allot.
    Again I'd imagined it as being handled as a simple incoming heal with a 15 second cast time that would land the moment the buff disappears on the target.

    Quote from Shadowed
    Absorbs are something I'm thinking about, but first I want to get all of the hots done and supported with, it mostly depends on Blizzard. It sounds like they are planning on adding support for seeing a shields absorbs so first I want to see how they are implementing that since I don't want a case where I get all of the shields working with LHC-4.0 and then they add an easy way of finding out.

    Good to hear, again I was just wondering about the intended scope of this project.

    I did some experimenting with the current version of SUF on GitHub.
    Lifebloom and Rejuv show up very nicely and I'm finally able to get a good feel how much these spells actually heal for.

    I've set the INCOMING_SECONDS to 40 as I'm interested if my current hots will put someone at 100% or not. (I imagine this has limited practical purpose for most people but I do appreciate this information very much)

    What I noticed in my tests is that the predicted heal is slightly out of sync at the moment. When my LB or Rejuv ticks for the first time the estimated heal drops down 2 ticks (ie. my health increases by 1 tick, the incoming total hot drops by 2). The tick before the last hot tick corrects this as the incoming heal drops to 0 then quickly increases to 1 tick remaining. Notice that this is 'not' in any way related to the lifebloom final bloom.
    I hope this helps in some way.
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    Quote from Shadowed
    Wild Growth won't be supported with to start, it heals for relatively little and I need to work out how to handle it due to the fact that it heals differently each tick.

    I suppose the best way to temporary deal with it is to use the average heal tick for the time being.
    Wouldn't the way to correctly deal with the mechanic be simular to how the lifebloom 'bloom' is done?

    I was wondering are there any (long-term) plans to eventually support things like seed of life, trinket hots or disc shields? Or are those beyond the scope of this project?
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    Attached RBM.lua

    Note my main profile is 'Nibbir - Aggramar' you can ignore the rest.

    The main idea of my setup is:
    1 frame with nearly all plugins and timers enabled. Normalized at 1min
    2 frames (simular to bigwigs) 1 big one small with a transfer at 30 seconds for bossmods. Small one normalized at 30 seconds
    1 frame with a small amount of personal buff durations. Normalized at 30.5 seconds
    1 frame with stuns and interupt cooldowns.

    No transvering except the two frames as indicated.
    All have: Lock frame, Dynamic resize, Hide when empty
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    Not sure if this been reported jet.
    I've had the following problem for a good while:

    [2008/06/11 22:16:05-2284-x9]: RBM-2.0.6\FramesClass.lua:591: <unnamed>:SetPoint(): trying to anchor to itself
    RBM-2.0.6\FramesClass.lua:591: in function `OnBarChange'
    RBM-2.0.6\FramesClass.lua:313: in function <Interface\AddOns\RBM\FramesClass.lua:303>
    (tail call): ?:
    RBM-2.0.6\FramesClass.lua:931: in function `?'
    RBM-2.0.6\Core.lua:196: in function `ExecuteFrameMethod'
    RBM-2.0.6\ModuleClasses\Base.lua:1123: in function `CancelBars'
    RBM-2.0.6\ModuleClasses\Boss.lua:211: in function `Stop'
    RBM-2.0.6\ModuleClasses\Boss.lua:1232: in function <Interface\AddOns\RBM\ModuleClasses\Boss.lua:1216>
    (tail call): ?:
    <in C code>: ?
    <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5>
    (tail call): ?:
    AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:142: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:114>

    The problem is that I don't have a clear cut point where it happens.
    I can have no problems during entire MH.. then it will bug up on Archimonde.
    Or it will go wrong at Anetheron.. or give no problems and go wrong at brutallus (mind you I only test in raids)

    I have 5 frames set up with varying filters. Some bars overlap on some frames.. some transfer from one to another
    Some have room to expand, some don't and get more bars than they can contain.
    Most of my frames are normalized at a certain time duration.
    Different sizes, styles.. ect.

    At some point bars from one frame wil show up in another frame.
    Bars start overlapping and losing labels and timers.
    Gaps between bars, bars switching quickly between frames.
    All with that error message above.

    It feels really random and I think I've seen it go away at some point.. but it usually doesn't.

    Did a clean reinstall of the addon (removed wtf settings) but it still came back.

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    Quote from Apoco »

    Add these to Jira please so I dont forget lol. Things get done a lot quicker if they are on there because there is a popup on my screen that reminds me everytime a new ticket is added too it.


    Let me know if I over did it tho,
    as it are all minor-trivial points.
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    Some observations:
    1) The backdrop of the frame seems to be at a higher frame level then border of the same frame.
    2) Settings top and bottom frame insets at 0 give about half a bar's height of extra empty space below the lowest and above the top bar for a dynamical resizing frame.
    3) The size of the border texture of frames is equal to the size of the backdrop texture for all frame insets set at 0 but is however unaffected by insets.
    4) There is no way to set the Transparency of the bar border unlike all other colorable units.

    1 and 4 are probably oversights or technical limitations however 2 and 3 give me allot of headaches as you cannot make the bars fit exactly inside a frame border without empty space and the frame backdrop insets have to be tweaked depending on the bar height.

    Minor additions that might be nice:
    -Sizing/coloring(/offset?) of the bar icon
    -Customizable bar label and timer text (much like customizable message options)

    Oh.. and I forgot to mention,
    <3 the addon... thank you very much for the work you have done to make this the great addon that it is today.
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    Quote from Heptoid »

    It's not. Whats been happening is it puts up a new bar for each time I apply a sunder. Then once it reaches 5 that bar stays and refreshes on each new application.

    The same happens for poisons with sticky bars on, one bar is added for each #stack.
    The bar for 5 stacks doesn't seem to get refeshed either.

    Also bars that transfer into a frame with normalization active do not normalize while the location of the spark does get normalized.
    Ie. A bar of full length of 60 seconds that gets transfered from a frame with normalisation = 0 to a frame with normalisation = 30 when the timer is at 30 seconds will go from 50% to 0% in the new frame while the park goes from 100% to 0%.
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    posted a message on Addon to filter debuffs?
    Debuff filter @ curse.com

    This one always worked for me.
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    Quote from Olog »
    a full bar all the time (well really 60 minute duration) if it can't find a duration for the debuff.

    Another feature I'd like to see is an option to have all bars have the same max duration.

    I support these suggestions and would indeed be nice features.

    On the topic of suggestions:
    At the moment all the timers of a certain module are directed to a single set of frames.
    This for example clutters the display of stun durations with the display of buff durations when the remaining duration time is about equal (and they get put in the same frame).
    Are there any plans to make it possible to load multiple instances of the same module or specify output frames on a sub-module level instead of the current module-level?
    (ie. make it possible to direct timers to diffent frames even if they have the same (remaning) duration and originate from the same module)
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    Last time Roartindon logged in on the forums was 5th March. Might not mean anything maybe just busy irl.

    A litle search on the net shows that he 'is' busy in irl.

    Nothing to do but be patient or, like durcyn suggested, write your own fix.
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    I've always been hoping that someone would make an all-in-one timer addon with this level of configurability. I'l be looking forward to the development of this one.

    Is there any chance of 'log based capture' for cooldowns,de|bufs, interupts and the like?
    I have terrible luck getting other people to download addons just to synchronise with me.
    It would be great if there was stand-alone functionality for atleast interupt cooldowns.
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    posted a message on The fret bar (from the Bard hero class)
    The idea is to combine ideas from the following two addons and the fret bar concept:
    combo cast
    combo sounds
    The fret bar

    -Combo cast allowed the user to create ability logic which would activate certain abilities based on user defined criteria with a single button.
    -Combo sounds is a rogue/druid addon that gives musical indications when you should be using combo generating or finishing abilities.
    -The fret bar concept from the bard hero class is a graphical display much like the interface of guitar hero, showing the buttons you have to be pressing and will have to press in the next few seconds.

    My idea would be to have a fret bar-like display which tell you the abilities you should be using.

    The user would configure abilities they need to use depending on criteria such as target health levels or time until a cooldown becomes available.
    The addon would then 'predict' the buttons the user has to press in the near future and display those on the fret bar wich could be suplemented by sounds (or musical scores).
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    Hello, I also wanted to thank you for adding melee dmg support. While universal support for all classes is a great challenge I'm sure.. it is certainly the wait to go ^_^.

    I've got a small request that should be pretty easy to implement:
    Make the tooltips of 'temporary damage buff spells' show their net white damage effect.

    DrDamage calculated the current white melee dps to be 500 (this is the tooltip value that the current addon already has).
    Slice and Dice increases the white melee dps by 30% for 10 seconds with current combo points.
    The net white damage effect would be 500*0.3*10=1500.

    This would be easy to implement for Slice and Dice, Blade Flury, Death Wish, Rapid Fire, ect.

    I understand that some abilities also effect non-white damage and the above calculations are only accurate if white damage is uninterupted for the full duration of the buff.
    However I think that with very litle effort (coding wise) it would be possible to give a fairly usefull tooltip value for those temporary damage buff abilities.

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