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    Quote from Tiany »


    as for my UI:

    Inspired by Zork's new UI. 8MB used in that pic.

    Now just to add aggro coloring and range check!

    hi tiany .. nice ui =)
    just wondering what cy_circled you using for your actionbars ?
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    Quote from Evil Elvis »

    You might want to use "QuartzCastBar" as the name though. I can't remember if it's case-sensitive, but best to err on the side of caution. Try setting the anchor/parent back to UIParent, do a /reload, then change it back to QuartzCastBar and see if that helps.

    yeh i jsut tried that.. it works and /rl .. then it disappears =/ so it wont stay
    any suggestions?
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    hi ive been using eepanels2 for quiet a long time and it hasnt bothered me till now ..
    the issue is that i created 2 panels for 'quartz' .. one for target cast bar and another for player cast bar
    ive anchor/parent for both target and player ..but the problem is the target panel anchors the target casting bar whilst the player panel doesnt
    and pops up with the 'validation error'.
    ive been using the same commands for anchor/parent for months which are 'quartztargetbar' and 'quartzcastbar'
    is there a possible solution to my problem?
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